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Welcome to the Xeros Wiki!

The Xeros Wiki is a place where the community of Xeros can get together and create guides on the mechanics of the game. The wiki is specifically closed for modification by unverified accounts so we can assure that it is not defaced by unscrupulous individuals. If you would like to become a contributor, join our discord. We'll also have a section to help any aspiring contributors on proper conventions and usage of the wiki. We look forward to seeing what you can come up with.


You can view a list of all the categories at the Special:Categories page.

Contributor Information

Files can be uploaded using Upload or Batch Upload for multiple files.


  • Rainbow_partyhat.png {{Item|Rainbow_partyhat}}
  • Drop table {{DropTableHead}} {{DropsLine|name=Rainbow_partyhat|quantity=10|rarity=10/248}} {{DropTableBottom}}