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Level 1 to 99 Farming Guide

Starting Off

In Xeros, Farming is a skill used to gather “produce” type items (allotments, flowers, herbs).

It is commonly known and trained to aid in the training of the Herblore Skill.

The herblore guide can be found here: Herblore

Using the Farming Skill, you can obtain certain items, such a Watermelons, Flowers, Limpwurt Roots, and even better - Grimy Herbs!

How do I start Farming?

To start farming, you’ll want to use the Teleport Interface > Skilling > Farming.

Farming guide picture1.png

This will put you at the Falador Patch, this is 1 of the 4 usable areas with Allotment, Flower, and Herb Patches.

Farming guide picture2 remake.png

The other 3 areas that have these patches are Catherby, Ardougne, and Port Phasmatys.

They can be quickly accessed by speaking to the Wizard at the Farming teleport.

He is dressed in blue robes and a staff, and looks like this:

Farming guide picture3.png

Finding Tools and Seeds

For Allotment and Flower patches, you will need a Rake, Seed Dibber, Secateurs, and Watering Can (watering can is infinite).

For Herb Patches, you only need a Rake, Seed Dibber, and Secateurs.

For Tree Patches, you only need Rake and Seed Dibber.

Normal Players

Once you are at the patches, you can either pickpocket the Master Farmer (one located at each patch) for all the basic seeds you'll need, or trade him to simply purchase the supplies.

NOTE: 99 thieving cape gives double seeds when pickpocketing the master farmer.

Ironman Players

You will not be able to trade the Master Farmer, meaning you’ll have to pickpocket each and every seed you want to plant (65 Thieving Required)

You can also obtain the seeds needed via PvM and Slayer, or even from Hespori.

For Ironmen to obtain tools, you can talk to the Ironman Shopkeeper located south-east of home, and the tools can be purchased for:

Rake - 6gp each

Seed Dibber - 6gp each

Secateurs - 5gp each

Watering Can(8) - 1gp each

You can also buy Guam seeds from the Ironman shop for 1,000gp each

NOTE: You can use any harvestable items on the Master Farmer to be able to automatically note them.

Master Farmer's Shop

Farming guide picture4.png

  • Rake - 6gp each
  • Seed Dibber - 6gp each
  • Secateurs - 5gp each
  • Watering Can(8) - 1gp each
  • Guam Seed - 1,000gp each
  • Marrentill seed - 1,000gp each
  • Tarromin seed - 1,000gp each
  • Harralander seed - 1,000gp each
  • Ranarr seed - 10,000gp each
  • Toadflax seed - 10,000gp each
  • Irit seed - 10,000gp each
  • Avantoe seed - 5,000gp each
  • Kwuarm seed - 10,000gp each
  • Snapdragon seed - 10,000gp each
  • Cadantine seed - 15,000gp each
  • Lantadyme seed - 5,000gp each
  • Dwarf weed seed - 10,000gp each
  • Torstol seed - 10,000gp each
  • Potato Seed - 2gp each
  • Onion seed - 3gp each
  • Cabbage Seed - 3gp each
  • Tomato seed - 4gp each
  • Sweetcorn seed - 8gp each
  • Strawberry seed - 18gp each
  • Watermelon seed - 56gp each
  • Marigold seed - 2gp each
  • Rosemary seed - 4gp each
  • Nasturtium seed - 11gp each
  • Woad seed - 11gp each
  • Limpwurt seed - 12gp each

Planting Your Seeds

Once you’ve got your seeds and your tools, it’s time do some planting.

The process is pretty simple and straightforward, just can be tedious and repetitive while going for 99.

Allotment and Flower Patches

First, rake the patch. Once you get 3 weeds, and see just dirt in the patch, you’ll want to use the corresponding seed on the patch. Afterwards, use your watering can on the patch, so it is watered.

Once this is done, you’ll just wait for the patch to grow, so you can harvest it for XP and the “goods”

Herb Patches

Same process as the other patches, excluding water.

The best method to training farming is planting the highest level seed you can, and repeating up until you’re either level 99, or 200M XP.

For Ironmen, this may be different as they require certain lower end herbs for creating different potions.

Not only does the XP stack up after time, but by the time you do a "full" run of Allotments > Flowers > Herbs - all patches are fully grown, meaning you're not waiting for herbs to grow.

Tree Patches

All tree patch teleports can be reached through the Wizard's teleports.

You will only need a rake and a seed dibber for trees - no plant pots, no trowel, no water.

Required Levels


3 minute grow time

  • Potato - 1
  • Onion - 5
  • Cabbage - 7
  • Tomato - 12
  • Sweetcorn - 20
  • Strawberry - 31
  • Watermelon - 47
  • Snape Grass - 61


5 minute grow time

  • Marigold - 2
  • Rosemary - 11
  • Nasturtium - 24
  • Woad - 25
  • Limpwurt - 26


5 minutes grow time

  • Guam - 9
  • Marrentill - 14
  • Tarromin - 19
  • Harralander - 26
  • Ranarr - 32
  • Toadflax - 38
  • Irit Leaf - 44
  • Avantoe - 50
  • Kwuarm - 56
  • Snapdragon - 62
  • Cadantine - 67
  • Lantadyme - 73
  • Dwarf Weed - 79
  • Torstol - 85


You can find all the Tree growth times Here.

Regular Trees

  • Oak Tree - 15
  • Willow Tree - 30
  • Maple Tree - 45
  • Yew Tree - 60
  • Magic Tree - 75

Fruit Trees

  • Apple Tree - 27
  • Banana Tree - 33
  • Orange Tree - 39
  • Curry Tree - 42
  • Pineapple Plant - 51
  • Papaya Tree - 57
  • Palm Tree - 68

Special Trees

  • Calquat Tree - 72
  • Dragonfruit Tree - 81
  • Spirit Tree - 83



When using the Farmer's outfit for Farming, each piece gives bonus experience.

When completing the expert achievement you obtain 'magic secateurs' which increase the farming harvest when worn.



Farming I - Harvest 500 crops

Rewards: 250K GP, Farmer’s strawhat, Farmer's boots, Torstol seeds x5, Snapdragon seeds x5, Ranarr seeds x5


Farming II - Harvest 2500 crops

Rewards: 500K GP, Farmer's boro trousers, Torstol seeds x15, Snapdragon seeds x15, Ranarr seeds x15


Farming III - Harvest 5000 crops

Rewards: 2,500K GP, Magic secateurs, Farmer's jacket, Torstol seeds x35, Snapdragon seeds x35, Ranarr seeds x35

After you have obtained 99 Farming, you can use the ::maxisland teleport to purchase the skillcape from the Wise Old Man