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List of Achievement Diaries and their skill requirement to complete!


(Req. 51 Agility, 92 Smithing, 90 Herblore, 40 Cooking, 52 Prayer, 30 Mining, 60 Woodcutting, 5 Thieving, 96 Runecrafting)


(Req. 30 Agility, 37 Smithing, 9 Runecrafting, 30 Mining, 5 Thieving)

Run the Varrock rooftop course: /25 (30 Agility)

Smith steel knives in pairs of 5: /10 (37 Smithing)

Craft some Earth runes (9 Runecrafting)

Have the wizard teleport you to the essence mine

Mine some essence: /10 (30 Mining on Xeros)

Steal from the tea stall (5 Thieving)

Dance, dance, dance: /15

Mine some Iron ore: /10 (15 Mining)


(Req. Varrock easy diaries, Limpwurt root & Red spider eggs, 15k gp)

Enter the Champions Guild (Complete Varrock easy diaries)

Browse Thessalia's shop

Have the Apothecary create you a Strength potion (Limpwurt root & Red spider eggs)

Buy a kitten from Gertrude (15,000 gp)

Use the Grand tree to teleport

Let Bob Barter decant your potions


(Req. 52 Prayer, 51 Agility, 60 Woodcutting, 40 Cooking)

Pray at the church altar with Smite active (52 Prayer)

Squeeze through the pipe in Edgeville dungeon (51 Agility)

Chop some yews: /80 (60 Woodcutting)

Cook some Lobsters in the Cooking Guild: /150 (40 Cooking)


(Req. 90 Herblore, 92 Smithing, 96 Runecrafting)

Create some Super combat potions: /100 (90 Herblore)

Smith some Rune knives: /200 (92 Smithing)

Craft more than 150 Earth runes in one go: /30 (96 Runecrafting)


(Req. 90 Herblore, 80 Thieving, 90 Agility, 65 Runecrafting, 60 Prayer, 50 Magic)


(Req. 5 Thieving, 32 Agility)

Steal cake from the Baker's stall: /50 (5 Thieving)

Use the lever teleport to the Wilderness

Have the wizard teleport you to the essence mine

Walk across the log shortcut (32 on osrs)


(Req. 60 Thieving, 50 Magic)

Teleport to Ardougne

Pickpocket the Master Farmer: /220 (60 Thieving)

Equip an Iban's staff (50 Magic)

Combine two shield halves to create a Dragon shield


(Req.  35 Thieving, 60 Prayer, 65 Runecrafting, 90 Agility)

Steal some fur from the fur stall: /200 (35 Thieving)

Pray at the altar with Chivalry active at the church (60 Prayer)

Craft some Death runes (65 Runecrafting)

Run the rooftop course: /150 (90 Agility)


(Req. 75-80 Thieving, 90 Herblore)

Steal some gems from the gem stall: /200 (75 Thieving)

Pickpocket some Heroes: /400 (80 Thieving)

Create Super combat potions on the bridge within the zoo: /100 (90 Herblore)


(Req. 85 Prayer, 65 Slayer, 55 Crafting, 65 Thieving, 35 Woodcutting, 36 Herblore)


(Req. none)

(Recommended Low-Mid Combat level)

Pass through Shantay Pass gate

Cut a cactus for some water

Kill some Snakes: /20

Kill some Lizards: /20

Mine some Clay in the north-eastern part of the desert


(Req. 36 Herblore, 35 Woodcutting, 65 Thieving)

(Recommended Mid Combat, or 43 Prayer for Protect from melee)

Kill some Bandits: /80

Pass through Shantay Pass wearing desert robes

Create a Combat potion in the desert (36 Herblore)

Chop some Teak logs near Uzer: /30 (35 Woodcutting)

Pickpocket a Menaphite thug: /150 (65 Thieving)

Travel to Nardah via Magic carpet

Kill some Vultures: /70

Travel to Pollnivneach via Magic carpet


(Req. 85 Prayer, 65 Slayer, 55 Crafting)

(Recommended High Combat level)

Kill some Dust devils, wearing a Slayer helmet: /80 (65 Slayer, 55 Crafting, Black mask, 400 Slayer points, Facemask, Earmuffs, Spiny helmet, Nose peg)

Restore at least 85 Prayer points when praying at the altar in Sophanem (85+ Prayer)




(Req. 85 Herblore, 75 Thieving, 56 Runecrafting, 20 Prayer, 20 Defence, 60 Woodcutting, 11 Agility, 40 Mining, 81 Fishing)


(Req. 30 Woodcutting, 11 Agility)

Have the zammy wizard teleport you to the essence mine

Chop willow logs: /30 (30 Woodcutting)

Pick flax from the garden: /85

Pickpocket a man for some money: /50

Fill buckets with compost: /85

Grapple the north wall shortcut (11 Agility)

Teleport to Falador


(Req. 60 Woodcutting, 20 Prayer, 20 Defence, 56 Runecrafting, 38 Thieving)

(Recommended Mid Combat level)

Kill white knights: /200

Color a graceful piece

Chop yew logs: /100 (60 Woodcutting)

Pickpocket a master farmer for some seeds: /250 (38 Thieving)

Pray at the Guthix altar in Taverly wearing full initiate (20 Prayer, 20 Defence)

Craft more than 100 mind runes in one go: /30 (56 Runecrafting)


(Req. 85 Herblore, 75 Thieving)

(Recommended Mid-High Combat level)

Pick poison berries: /56 (unable to pick)

Steal gems from the gem stall: /84  (75 Thieving)

Kill Giant moles: /45

Harvest Torstols: /250 (85 Herblore)


(Req. 40 Mining, 81 Fishing)

Fish Manta rays: /450 (81 Fishing)

Mine some gems from a gem rock: /500 (40 Mining)


(Req. 70 Slayer, 66 Herblore, 15 Woodcutting, 30 Mining)


(Req. 15 Woodcutting)

Kill some Rock crabs: /80

Fill some buckets with water at the Rellekka well: /10

Cut some oak logs withing Fremennik province: /20 (15 Woodcutting)

Have the sailor bring you to Neitiznot

Have the sailor bring you to Jatiznot


(Req. 30 Mining)

(Recommended Mid-High Combat level)

Mine some coal in Rellekka: /85 (30 Mining)

Kill 3 of the Dagganoth kings of your choice

Kill a spiritual mage within god wars dungeon


(Req. 66 Herblore, 70 Slayer)

(Recommended HIgh Combat level)

Teleport to Xeric's Shrine and pray at the altar

Mix super Defence potions within Fremennik province: /35 (66 Herblore)

Kill 200 Kurasks in the Fremennik dungeon: /200 (70 Slayer)

Kill some dagganoth kings: /30

Kill Bandos god war boss: /10


(Req. none)

(Recommended High Combat level)

Kill Armadyl god wars boss: /10

Kill Zamorak god wars boss: /10

Kill Saradomin god wars boss: /10


(Req. 82 Herblore, 85 Fletching, 75 Woodcutting, 60 Agility, 50 Fishing, 50 Fletching, 40 Ranged)


(Req. 20 Agility)

Pick some flax in Seers: /50

Buy a candle by talkiing to the candle maker in Catherby

Cross the coal trucks log balance (20 Agility)

Speak with Sherlock


(Req. 35 Agility, 40 Ranged, 50 Fishing, 50 Fletching )

Complete Barbarian Agility course: /45 (35 Agility)

Enter the ranging guild (40 Ranged)

Teleport to Camelot 15 times

String a maple shortbow in Seers village bank (50 Fletching)

Fish some swordfish in Catherby: /50 (50 Fishing)


(Req. 85 Fletching, 75 Woodcutting, 60 Agility)

(Recommended Mid-High Combaat level)

Complete Seers rooftop course: /50 (60 Agility)

Kill mithril dragons: /40

Cut some Magic logs in Seers: /150 (75 Woodcutting)

Fletch a Magic longbow in Catherby (85 Fletching)


(Req. 82 Herblore)

Mix weapon poison++ in Catherby: /10 (82 Herblore)

Teleport to Catherby 100 times.



(Req. 40 Fishing)

Pick bananas: /32

Use a glory teleport to Karamja

Travel to Ardougne from the port in Brimhaven

Fish some lobsters: /58 (40 Fishing)

Be assisgned a Slayer task by Duradel


(Recommended Mid-High Combat level)

Kill steel dragons in Brimhaven dungeon: /50

Dance 75 times in Karamja boundary: /75

Complete 63 waves in Fight caves minigame


(Req. 40 Mining, 91 Runecrafting)

(Recommended Mid Combat level)

Mine some Gold in Tzhaar city: /250 (40 Mining)

Kill some Tzhaar-Xil: /250

Craft more than 50 Nature runes in one go: /85 (91 Runecrafting)


(Req. 87 Herblore)

(Recommended Mid-High Combat level for Fire cape)

Create some Anti-venom potions in Brimhaven: /120 (87 Herblore)

Equip a Fire cape in the Tzhaar city

Lumbridge & Draynor

(Req. 99 in any skill, 99 Smithing, 75 Woodcutting, 59 Runecrafting, 60 Magic, 38 Thieving, 8 Agility, 15 Mining, 15 Firemaking)


(Req. 15 Mining, 15 Firemaking, 5 Runecrafting)

Have Sedridor teleport you to the essence mine

Craft some water runes (5 Runecrafting)

Have Hans tell you how long you've played

Pickpocket a man

Burn some oak logs: /28 (15 Firemaking)

Cook some shrimp within the castle

Mine some iron at the Al-Kharid mine: /50 (15 Mining)


(Req. 38 Thieving, 30 Woodcutting, 8 Agility)

Teleport to Lumbridge

Take the shortcut over the River Lum (8 Agility)

Purchase an attractor from Ava

Chop some willows in Draynor: /150 (30 Woodcutting)

Pickpocket the master farmer in Draynor: /150 (38 Thieving)


(Req. 15 Woodcutting, 59 Runecrafting, 59 Runecrafting)

Cast bones to peaches spell in Al-Kharid (60 Magic)

Craft more than 56 cosmic runes in one go: /30 (59 Runecrafting)

Chop some oak logs in Draynor or Lumbridge: /275 (15 Woodcutting)


(Req. 99 in any skill, 99 Smithing, 75 Woodcutting)

Chop some Magic logs in Al-Kharid: /250 (75 Woodcutting)

Smith a rune platebody (99 Smithing)

Perform the achievement cape emote in Draynor (99 in any skill)


(Req. 85 Slayer, 84 Crafting, 61 Agility)

(Recommended Mid Combat level)


(Req. 15-58+ Slayer)

(Recommended Low-Mid Combat level)

Complete Slayer tasks from Mazchna: /4

Kill Banshees in Slayer tower: /25 (15 Slayer)

Kill some Werewolves: /30

Kill some Cave horrors: /80 (58 Slayer )


(Req. 71 Agility)

Climb the advanced chain in Slayer tower (61 Agility)

Complete 10 consecutive tasks in a row


(Req. 84 Crafting, 85 Slayer)

(Recommended High Combat level)

Craft a black d'hide body in Canifis (84 Crafting)

Kill some Nechryaels: /150 (80 Slayer)

Get 100 barrows kills wearing a full barrows set: /100

Kill some Abyssal demons: /250 (85 Slayer)




(Req. 93 Slayer, 62 Cooking, 70 Ranged, 50 Agility, 20 Fletching, 40+ Combat level, 610 PC points for set, 400 PC points to upgrade both torso & legs)


(Req. 20 Fletching, 40+ combat)

Save the island of pest control: /25 (40+ Combat level)

Complete the Gnome Agility course: /25

Teleport to Pest control using the minigame teleports

Fletch an oak shortbow in Gnome Stronghold (20 Fletching)

Travel to Gnome Stronghold via spirit tree


(Req. 40+ Combat level for Pest Control, 70 Ranged, with 50 Agility?)

(Recommended Low-Mid Combat level)

Turn a crystal into a crystal bow

Purchase 5 Herb packs from the Pest control

Purchase 5 Seed packs from the Pest contro

Kill some Elves using a crystal bow (70 Ranged, with 50 Agility?)


(Req. 93 Slayer, 62 Cooking)

(Recommended High Combat level)

Cook some monkfish: /250 (62 Cooking)

Kill Zulrah: /30

Pickpocket a thief in the area: /150 (unable to find thief req. level)

Kill Thermonuclear smoke devil: /50 (93 Slayer on OSRS, none on Xeros?)


(Req. 40+ Combat level for Pest Control, 610 PC points for set, 400 PC points to upgrade both torso & legs)

Get a task from Nieve, wearing full void melee (610 PC points)

Upgrade two void pieces to elite: /2 (400 PC points to upgrade both torso & legs)


(Req. 90 Cooking, 75 Woodcutting, 90 Smithing, 65 Fishing, 60 Magic, 52 Agility, 50 Slayer, 55 Mining)


(Req. 21 Magic, 15 Mining)

(Recommended Low-Mid combat, or decent a Prayer level)

Cast low alchemy at the fountain of rune (21 Magic)

Enter the wilderness from the Edgeville lever

Pray at the Chaos altar in level 38 wilderness

Kill some earth warriors: /50

Restore some Prayer at the Demonic ruins

Enter the king black dragon lair

Mine some iron ore (15 Mining)

Have the mage of zamorak teleport you to the abyss


(Req. 52 Agility, 51 Smithing, 50 Slayer, 55 Mining)

(Recommended Mid Combat level)

Mine some mithril ore (55 Mining)

Kill some Green dragons: /128

Kill a Bloodveld in the wilderness god wars dungeon (50 Slayer)

Sell a mysterious emblem to the emblem trader

Smith a mithril axe in the resource area (51 Smithing)

Complete wilderness Agility course: /50 (52 Agility)


(Req. 65 Fishing, 75 Smithing, 60 Magic)

(Recommended High Combat level)

Cast Claws of Guthix on another player (60 Magic)

Smith an adamant scimitar in the resource area (75 Smithing)

Kill the Chaos elemental: /30

Kill the Crazy archaeologist: /30

Kill the Chaos fanatic: /30

Kill Scorpia: /30

Kill a spiritual warrior in the god wars dungeon

Fish some Raw karambwans in the resource area: /150 (65 Fishing)


(Req. 75 Woodcutting, 90 Smithing, 90 Cooking)

(Recommended High Combat level)

Kill Callisto: /140

Kill Venenatis: /140

Kill Vet'ion: /140

Cook some dark crab in the resource area: /350 (90 Cooking)

Smith a rune scimitar in the resource area (90 Smithing)

Kill a spiritual mage in the god wars dungeon

Cut some Magic logs in the resource area  (75 Woodcutting)