Theatre of blood: hard mode

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preferred gear & inv setups

Maiden of Sugadinti Maiden2.png

Once you enter the Maiden floor of the theatre of blood, pray mage and use your dragon Warhammer spec on maiden twice.

Tank: The person closest to the maiden (east side) will be the tank. The tank should be ready to call if they get too low so someone can take over.

Nylocas Spawns

Blood Splat Attack

Blood Spawns

Just attack maiden and dodge the blood on the floor & the spawns.

Pestilent Bloat Bloat2.png

Bloat is, in my opinion, the easiest boss in the Theatre of Blood as damage can be avoided completely as long as no one makes any mistakes. He’s also pretty quick to kill.

Only attack Bloat once he is standing still. Don’t forget to equip your salve (ei) amulet.

Bloat Flies

Make sure bloat is on the other side before entering the room. If he sees you, flies will start attacking you and your surrounding teammates.

These flies deal rapid 15-20 damage. Damage can be slightly reduced by having protect from missiles on. Always keep moving around the centerpiece and stay out of his line of sight until he stops moving.

Meat falling

After bloat has stopped moving for the first time, meat will start falling from the sky. You can avoid these by paying attention to the shadows on the floor indicating where they will end up.

Falling meat can hit up to 50 damage and stun you temporarily, possibly causing bloat to catch up to you.

Bloat will stop moving after 8 meat cycles


Once bloat has stopped moving you hit him with 4-6 melee hits and use your Dragon Claw/Halberd Specs to increase damage.

After the 4-6 hits you want to quickly run around the corner. Taking too long and getting too greedy will result in bloat performing his Stomp attack which can easily deal up to 80 damage and combo you out with flies.

Nylocas Vasilias Nylo2.png

Any incorrect prayer style on Nylocas will reflect damage at you.

Any incorrect attack style on Nylocas Vasilias will reflect 25% higher damage at you.

Nylo in Hard Mode switches really fast (2 hits / 3 BP).

Nylo will switch randomly.

Pray FIRST then switch weapon to attack. If u get hit and want to eat. Make sure u put right prayer up.


White Nylocas = Melee Prayer & Melee attack style

Blue Nylocas = Magic Prayer & Magic attack style

Green Nylocas = Ranged Prayer & Ranged attack style

Sotetseg Sote2.png

With this boss, you have to be quick to react to his different attacks.

Always pray melee when you’re standing within range of him and be ready to switch to magic (red orb) or range (grey orb) depending on the orbs he randomly shoots at players.

This same orb can travel from player to player so paying good attention and communication is key.

Disable prayers

Sotetseg will shoot a red ball at someone, it will split into a black and red. Pray appropriately as fast as possible or you'll get hit for a 50 and your prayer turns off for 3-4 seconds.

If you do get hit eat up to 50+ and pray asap.

Red Exploding Bomb

(3X3) 115 Max hit

Every so often, sotetseg can target one of the players with a big red ball, once this happens all player should meet together in a square to share the damage of the attack.

The designated spots for these are the 4 tiles south of the boss. No players should be on the same tile as this is an easy way to get comboed out due to a lack of visibility. The attack has a 3×3 range.

Shadow Realm Maze

At 66% and 33% Sotetseg will teleport the players to the maze and assign one maze leader. This player is the only one who will see the maze and it’s their job to guide the other members through it.

(If you're the one chosen to take on the maze, wait on the first tile for 2 seconds to let your team get sorted.)

The rest of the team will attempt to follow the path that the leader is pointing out. Stepping on a wrong tile will give rapid damage to you and your surrounding team members.

Once the first player in the maze (not the leader) reaches the 4th row of the maze, a red tornado will star to chase the players along the path.

Players who get behind and end up within 1 square of the tornado will be hit with two 44 hits, very possibly killing the player. Once it has hit one player, it will turn invisible and continue to chase the other players.

Xarpus Xarp2.png

Exhumed Healing spots

Once you enter the room Xarpus will be in the center and green exhumed healing spots will randomly spawn on the floor. These will heal Xarpus similarly to how pools heal Olm.

You can avoid the healing by standing on it (only one player per exhumed). Players should be spread around the room (at least 1 in each corner) so that they can hop on these spots as quickly as possible to avoid Xarpus from getting too high health (5080 max).

After this, players can start speccing out the boss and move to their corners (if ranging).

Poison Splash Attack

After the healing spots, spec out the boss to reduce its magic, quickly switch to your ranged gear and spread out around the room.

Xarpus will attack you by spitting yellow poison balls at the square you are standing on. You’ll want to move a tile away once you see the ball coming in your direction.

This will leave a yellow poison blob on the floor, standing on that tile will deal rapid poison damage to your character. These splats do not disappear.

Intent Stare Attack

Xarpus’ intent stare attack happens below 25% of his health. This is where player want to come to the middle to attack the boss. During this phase, if you attack the boss while he is looking at you you will instanty die.

Good attention, quick reactions and run are required during this phase. You can use either melee gear or a blowpipe during this phase.

Verzik Phase 1 Verz1.png

Overhead prayer: Always protect from mage

Once you enter the room, Verzik will be non-aggressive and sitting on her throne. It’s customary to drop a couple of brews in case you die so that the remaining team members can carry on the fight with enough food. One player will start talking to Verzik, turning her aggressive.

During phase one Verzik will have her shield up, indicated by the cyan health bar on the top left of your screen.

This is where dawn bringer comes into play, the special attack (35% spec required) of this staff is very effective during the shield phase and can hit up to 150.

Once the first player has run out of specs, they should drop the staff behind a pillar so that the next member can pick it up and do the same.

Once every player has used their specs, the first player should have regenerated enough to spec again and every player should be able to do one more spec after that.

When not using dawnbringer, players should hide behind the pillars (always check the pillars health though) to avoid damage from Verzik.

Advanced players will attack the boss with their regular weapons to speed up this phase. However, this is not recommended during your first couple of runs.

Pillars will collapse after 4 – 5 attacks from Verzik, be sure to always pay attention to the pillar’s health. Standing next to a pillar when it falls can result in 60+ damage and the possibility of being comboed out by verzik.

Verzik Phase 2 Verz2.png

Overhead prayer: Protect from Ranged.

Every 4th attack verzik does will be an electricity attack, this can hit you with 50 damage if you’re too far away from Verzik.

Attack the purple crab with a poison weapon such as the tentacle whip to prevent it from healing Verzik.

The red Nylocas that spawns after 35% health should be killed first before focussing back on Verzik.

Movement is key to phase 2 of Verzik. You should practice the in n out movement if meleeing attack at the of when she attacks and instantly run back out (will take some getting used to).

Verzik Phase 3 Verz3.png


After the first 4 attacks, verzik will spawn the first special attack which is always Nylocas. The non-tanking players should freeze them using ice barrage and then continue focussing on Verzik.


When Verzik goes into web phase, run clockwise around the boss and hit her in the center of each side.

Yellow Pools

When pools spawn you quickly want to run to the nearest pool to you (each player will have 3 pools), this will protect you from Verzik’s attack. The amount of pools that spawn depend on the players in the room and every pool can only protect one person.

Green Ball

After the yellow pools, you always want to brew up to make sure you can tank the green ball attack or bomb. Verzik targets one player for this attack, it will deal 74 damage.

Purple tornadoes

Once verzik reaches 20% health, purple tornadoes will spawn and chase players. Don’t let the tornado catch up to you as this will heal Verzik. Verzik will also increase her attack speed during this part of the fight so beware if you’re tanking.

Note: Every player has their own storm chasing them and only their designated storm can damage them.