Theatre of blood

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ToB Scaling

5 players: 100%

4 players: 87.5%

3 players 75%

2 players 69%

1 player 63%

ToB Quick Raids Guide

Welcome Fellow Xeros Players. This will be a Quick guide for our beloved Theatre of Blood!

I hope this guide will help you at least a bit in the right direction.

For a guide to Hard Mode TOB specifically, try this page instead.

Where Is it Located?

Theatre of Blood can be found in the teleport section > Minigames > Theatre of Blood

What Setup Should I Use?

The following setups will be from the beginner stage and some sort of end game state.

Bosses & Mechanics

The Maiden of Sugadinti

Pray Mage and avoid the blood pools that she will be putting on a random player in the party - Best attack style will be Melee or Range.

Pestilent Bloat

When you enter the room he will be in a square shaped arena, walking around it. He'll become dazed after a while & when he gets dazed you may attack him. Outside of the daze you shall stay LOS Behind him - Best Attack Style here will be Melee.

Nycolas Vasilias

On Xeros you only have to adapt to the big spider here. It will shift between 3 colors.




If you happen to attack with the wrong attack style you will take decent amount of damage vs the damage you dealt to the boss.


This boss will send out orbs in two possible colors, Either red or black. Black orbs you have to pray Range against & the red orbs you need to pray mage against. He might also use his bite which is a melee attack & You could possibly pray melee vs that one.

The Bite would (from my own experience) hit you with up to 45damage.


This guy is really simple. He will spit toxic waste at a random party member every X tick, which you will have to either side step or just move out of. Otherwise you'll take a lot of damage.

No prayer is really needed here. Best attack style will be range if you have Twisted bow!

Verzik Vitur - 2 Phases

First Phase you could pray Range or no prayer at all. She will send out balls of toxic waste towards you and your party members every X tick which you have to Side step. If you fail to Side step it you might take damage up to 70+ damage.

Do NOT stand underneath her either or you might be smashed for a lot of damage aswell.

Second Phase will be perma pray Mage & heal up from the lightning shocks she'll give you and your party member X tick. Depending on how many Melee players you have on the boss she might spawn 3-4 Yellow pools in the room which you need to stand on to avoid 70+ damage from a attack she charges up when they spawn.

That's pretty much everything for the bosses & Gear wise. Hope you learned some quick stuff here at least. I bet you wanna know what drops there is as well?

Rare Drops

The full list of specific chest rates is now public!

Click here to see those!

Good luck on your Adventure in Theatre of Blood fellow Xeros Players.