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There are several ways you can choose to start your adventure on xeros.


To vote, all have to do is type ::vote in-game, once on the site, type in your Login name(what you use to log into xeros), and press "continue", you will now be directed to a new window with 2 different voting sites. Runelocus, and rsps-list. Vote on both sites and then go back to your client. Now you type ::voted in-game to claim your 2m gp / 2 vote points.


There are thieving stalls south of home bank. Check out ::guides for a thieving guide.

1-99 theiving will get you:

normal account: 18-20m

rouge 90-100m

This will give you enough starter cash to buy starter supplies/gear etc.

Pest Control

Elite Void is going to be some of your best in slot equipment outside of Slayer for a long time.

It's incredibly important that you get Elite Void as early on as you can.

You obtain void by playing the Pest Control Minigame (::pc to teleport there)

It costs 1310 Pest Control Points to purchase full elite void with all helmets.

It takes approximately between 1 and 2 hours to obtain the necessary points during a Pest Control Event.

You earn 10 Points per match normally and 15 Points per match while an Event is active.


You can get your first task from Nieve @ ::slayer. After you complete your first task make sure you save your points for barrows gloves/ fighter torso/ etc from the slayer shop

While on your tasks make sure to save any foeable items you get to be used to burn at the Fire of Exchange( check out ::foe)


Barrows on Xeros is nice and easy, there's no minigame aspect to it, you just kill the brothers for their gear.

To get to Barrows type ::barrows or use the minigame teleports.

Barrows pieces are a 1/40 droprate as standard from every brother.

There's also a 1/300 chance to get an Amulet of the Damned.

AOTD works for all barrows sets.

I recommend that you get full Ahrim's and Karil's as soon as you can.

The Karil's crossbow is a great range weapon until you get a Blowpipe or Magic Shortbow (i) with Amethyst arrows.


Hespori is a world event skilling boss where you kill hespori as a team every 2 hrs. Check out ::hespori for a guide!