Seren Boss and Items Guide

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Seren's Boss Cave

General Information:

Minimum Requirements

1x Hunllef Kill, 90 Hitpoints

Weakness and Modes

Seren's only weakness is magic. She is immune to everything else.

When clicking on the Rift (inside the cave) to begin the fight, players can choose to enter practice mode instead, which is a safe death for both HCIM and HCGIM.

Item information

Bow of Faerdhinen


A powerful bow requiring no ammo to shoot. Can be changed to the corrupted version and recolored by using Seren's shard on it.

Seren's Shard

Serens shard.png

Used to upgrade the Bow of Faerdhinen or the Blade of Saeldor to its corrupted (c) version, which increases some set effects (see below), changes its color to red, and consumes the Shard.

Once you have a Bow of Faerdhinen (c) or Blade of Saeldor (c), using another Seren's Shard will allow you to recolor it, which consumes the second Shard. You can use the cloth from the general store to clear your weapon's recolor and enable you to change the color again with another Shard. The weapon will remain as (c) throughout the process.

These are the recolor options for both weapons: White, Black, Purple, Green, Yellow, Light Blue, and Blue.

Bofa/Blade Set Effects

Bow of Faerdhinen (here called "Bofa") and Blade of Saeldor (here called "Blade") are each given a significant boost to accuracy and damage when wearing full Corrupted Crystal armor, and a smaller boost when wearing full Crystal Armor. A bit of mixing and matching is possible, though you do need a full set of either Crystal or Corrupted Crystal armor: Helm, Body, and Legs.

Here is the full breakdown of the updated set effects and how they can function between Crystal, Corrupted Crystal, and normal and Corrupted versions of both Blade and Bofa:

  • Crystal set + Normal Blade = +10% damage, +15% accuracy
  • Crystal set + Corrupted Blade = +10% damage, +15% accuracy
  • Crystal set + Normal Bofa = +10% damage, +35% accuracy
  • Crystal set + Corrupted Bofa = +10% damage, +35% accuracy
  • Corrupted set + Normal Blade = +10% damage, +15% accuracy
  • Corrupted set + Corrupted Blade = +10% damage, +20% accuracy
  • Corrupted set + Normal Bofa = +20% damage, +44% accuracy
  • Corrupted set + Corrupted Bofa = +20% damage, +49% accuracy


Seren uses two styles for her basic attacks: Magic and Ranged.

Knowing which protection prayers to use is simple, if you know what to look for. While there is a set pattern which you can memorize, you can also just watch Seren's shadow. It will start each cycle appearing pink, which signals her Magic attacks. Then the shadow turns a deep red, which signals her Ranged attacks.

NOTE: You cannot fully protect against Seren's attacks. Protection prayers decrease her attacks' accuracy, but they can still hit very high.

Seren's special attacks are performed in a cycle, so they are fully predictable when you know the pattern. Seren will attack normally 7 times (3 magic, 4 ranged), then use her next special.

All but one of Seren's special attacks will be signaled by a unique announced message, shown as dialogue above Seren's head.

Deadly Special Attack

"Once I am done with you all, I will destroy all of Xeros!"

This targets all players within the boss room and deals 70-85% of the player's maximum hitpoints. This damage is completely unavoidable.

Heal to full (or over-heal) when this attack is near.

Healing Special Attack

This special attack's activation has no dialogue signal, but Seren's form will suddenly vanish and quickly be replaced by a large red crystal in the center of the room.

She cannot be attacked in this state.

Seren then summons her minions. Whirlwinds around her will immediately start healing her, and crystalline Dark Beasts will spawn in the corners and slowly walk toward her. If they reach her, they will sacrifice their own HP to heal Seren.

It is advised to quickly freeze the Dark Beasts with a binding spell such as Ice Barrage, then destroy the Whirlwinds (they only have 1 HP), then attack the Dark Beasts again, freezing them as necessary.

Weakling Special Attack

"[player], you are the filth within this room!"

"[player], you are pathetic!"

Seren will target the player with the least percentage of their remaining hitpoints. That player will be frozen and 4 smaller Serens will spawn around them, dealing up to a maximum of 85 damage combined. After the attack, the "weakling" will be able to move again.

Heal to full (or over-heal) when this attack is near.

Spin Special Attack

"Come here you pesky rats!"

This pulls all players within the boss room right next to her. The players have 2 seconds to react to this attack before she spins. The spin will deal 30-60 untyped damage to any player who is still too close to Seren.

After the Kill

Players will be given a stackable blue crystal called "Seren's Key" after each successful kill. This key can be sold to other players or used to open Seren's Chest, located just outside Seren's cave.

Seren will not respawn. If you wish to start another fight immediately, use the Seren teleport or climb the rope in the center of the room, then click on the Rift again to re-enter.

Congrats, and happy grinding!