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In this guide you will be shown everything you need to know about the Sarachnis boss in Xeros, including location, the fight itself and possible drops!

Sarachnis stats.png


Sarachnis tele.png

The Sarachnis teleport can be found by opening the Spellbook and heading to Boss Teleports> Sarachnis. Once you are here follow the route shown in the video in the guide, once you have slashed through both the webs you can begin your battle!

Inventory/Gear Setup:

In order to fight Sarachnis it helps to use a Crush weapon and have the highest Crush bonus that is possible with your gear. Another big advantage would be to bring a cannon with you as well.

Sarachnis setup:

Sarachnis setup.png

The example above shows a Sarachnis setup, there are a couple of variations of this that will be sufficient for the fight:


Scythe of vitur > Inquisitor's Mace > Abyssal Bludgeon > Zamorakian Hasta > Sarachnis cudgel.

Other weapons would be viable but crush weapons are your best option.


Full Inquisitor's with Slayer Helm if on task > Full Corrupted Perfected with Slayer Helm if on task > Full Bandos with slayer helm if on task or Neitiznot faceguard if off task > Faceguard/Fighter Torso/Bandos Tassets.


Amulet of Torture > Amulet of Fury


Primordial Boots > Bandos Boots > Dragon Boots


Completionist Cape > Infernal Max Cape > Infernal cape > Fire Max Cape > Fire Cape


A Beserker Ring (i) is best in slot and then you can switch to a Ring of wealth or Ring of wealth (i) before the kill is finished so you can benefit from the bonus Droprate.

The Fight:

In the video shown below you will see an example fight against the Sarachnis, it is a fairly simple fight. Once you enter the fight, place your cannon and proceed to attack Sarchnis, pray Melee protection to start with and then if Sarachnis shoots a web at you flick to Range protect prayer until you can move close to the boss again and then go back to Melee protection.

Sarachnis Boss Fight

Possible Drops:

100% Drops

Item Quantity Rarity
Red_spiders_eggs.png Red_spiders_eggs 2 Always

Common Loot

Item Quantity Rarity
Blood_rune.png Blood_rune 80-100 1/1
Chaos_rune.png Chaos_rune 175-200 1/1
Cosmic_rune.png Cosmic_rune 125-150 1/1
Death_rune.png Death_rune 80-100 1/1
Soul_rune.png Soul_rune 80-100 1/1
Mithril_ore.png Mithril_ore 60-90 1/1
Red_dragonhide.png Red_dragonhide 15-25 1/1
Uncut_sapphire.png Uncut_sapphire 20-30 1/1
Coins.png Coins 17,000-25,000 1/1
Dragon_bones.png Dragon_bones 7-15 1/1
Red_spiders_eggs.png Red_spiders_eggs 25-35 1/1
Snape_grass.png Snape_grass 20-30 1/1

Uncommon Loot

Item Quantity Rarity
Battlestaff.png Battlestaff 8-10 1/6
Rune_platebody.png Rune_platebody 1 1/6
Rune_med_helm.png Rune_med_helm 1 1/6
Rune_2h_sword.png Rune_2h_sword 1 1/6
Mithril_arrow.png Mithril_arrow 450-600 1/6
Mithril_bolts.png Mithril_bolts 175-225 1/6
Grimy_kwuarm.png Grimy_kwuarm 10-15 1/6
Grimy_cadantine.png Grimy_cadantine 10-15 1/6
Grimy_dwarf_weed.png Grimy_dwarf_weed 10-15 1/6
Grimy_avantoe.png Grimy_avantoe 10-15 1/6
Grimy_lantadyme.png Grimy_lantadyme 10-15 1/6
Grimy_ranarr.png Grimy_ranarr 10-15 1/6
Adamantite_ore.png Adamantite_ore 30-40 1/6
Uncut_emerald.png Uncut_emerald 20-30 1/6
Onyx_bolt_tips.png Onyx_bolt_tips 8-10 1/6
Uncut_ruby.png Uncut_ruby 20-30 1/6
Dragon_med_helm.png Dragon_med_helm 1 1/6
Toadflax_seed.png Toadflax_seed 3 1/6
Irit_seed.png Irit_seed 3 1/6
Belladonna_seed.png Belladonna_seed 3 1/6
Poison_ivy_seed.png Poison_ivy_seed 3 1/6
Avantoe_seed.png Avantoe_seed 3 1/6
Cactus_seed.png Cactus_seed 3 1/6
unknown_item_22873.png unknown_item_22873 3 1/6
Grimy_ranarr.png Grimy_ranarr 5-10 1/6
Grimy_snapdragon.png Grimy_snapdragon 5-10 1/6
Torstol.png Torstol 5-10 1/6
Runite_ore.png Runite_ore 4-6 1/6
Uncut_diamond.png Uncut_diamond 20-30 1/6
Crystal_key.png Crystal_key 1 1/6
Spider_carcass.png Spider_carcass 10 1/6
Uncut_sapphire.png Uncut_sapphire 1 1/6
Uncut_emerald.png Uncut_emerald 1 1/6
Snapdragon_seed.png Snapdragon_seed 3 1/6
Cadantine_seed.png Cadantine_seed 3 1/6
Lantadyme_seed.png Lantadyme_seed 3 1/6
unknown_item_22879.png unknown_item_22879 3-9 1/6
Dwarf_weed_seed.png Dwarf_weed_seed 3 1/6
Torstol_seed.png Torstol_seed 3 1/6
Uncut_ruby.png Uncut_ruby 1 1/6
Nature_talisman.png Nature_talisman 1 1/6
Uncut_diamond.png Uncut_diamond 1 1/6
Rune_javelin.png Rune_javelin 5 1/6
Rune_spear.png Rune_spear 1 1/6
Shield_left_half.png Shield_left_half 1 1/6
Dragon_spear.png Dragon_spear 1 1/6


Item Quantity Rarity
Red_spiders_eggs.png Red_spiders_eggs 175-250 1/100
Sarachnis_cudgel.png Sarachnis_cudgel 1 1/300
Jar_of_eyes.png Jar_of_eyes 1 1/300

Sarachnis drops.png

The 3 items needed to complete the Sarachnis Collection Log are shown above and they are as follows, in order left to right:

Red Spider's Eggs - Sarachnis Cudgel - Jar of eyes

You can check the Droprate of each item by heading to the Quest tab > Coin Tab > Droptable, from here you can search for your desired item/boss and it will display the Droprate. You can also access the Droptable by typing ::droptable or right clicking on the boss itself and examining it, from here you will see an option in the chatbox to open the Droptable.

After reading all this you should be able to successfully defeat the Sarachnis and should have all the information you need surrounding the boss! Good luck on the drops!