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Note: Rules may be updated at any time, especially as the game develops.

We do not assist in returning hacked items, it's up to you to manage your account security. Use a different password for every service and set an account pin with ::pin for extra security.

Failure to follow any of these rules may leave your account subject to SEVERE punishment!

Rule 1: Offensive Language, Toxic Behavior, Disrespect, Discrimination, and Flaming

Please refrain from using language that may be considered offensive or obscene to other players in the community. This includes things such as excessive swearing, spamming, or harassment of any kind.
We take this extremely seriously and you will be punished IMMEDIATELY WITH NO WARNING.
"We are friends so it's okay" is not an excuse. In this case, please keep it to your PMs.

Rule 2: Auto-clickers, Macros, and Bot Clients

Player of Xeros are not allowed to use any type of 3rd party software that may give them an advantage. This includes items such as DDoS Tools/Websites, Cheat Clients allowing personal advantages over other players, etc. Auto-clickers/macroing programs to automate any actions on Xeros are not allowed. This does also include the usage of programs/scripts like AHK.

Rule 3: PKP Cheat or PKP Farming

Players of Xeros are not allowed to engage in any actions that will result in the unfair gain of PKP items and/or points. This includes actions such as farming or boosting (player intentionally allows another player to kill them repeatedly for PKP and/or killstreak), and cheating of any kind that allows an unfair advantage towards gaining or obtaining PKP.

Rule 4: Impersonating Others

Players of Xeros are not allowed to impersonate other members of the community, especially staff members. Impersonation of a staff member may lead to an automatic ban. In addition, those who impersonate others in attempts to get another player punished will be severely punished.

Rule 5a: Account Hacking/Stealing/Sharing

Players of the Xeros community are not allowed to access any accounts except the ones they own. This includes "account giveaways." No services are allowed for accounts.

Rule 5b: Item Scamming

Scamming other players on Xeros is not allowed. Scams such as "doubling gp," luring, and stealing items (trust trades, etc.) are strictly not allowed. Staff can make no guarantees that scammed players will be refunded; it is each player's responsibility to be alert and not fall for these tricks. However, if there is ample evidence, the scammer will be punished. Punishments will range from mutes to permanent bans, depending on the situation and severity of the offense.

With that said, "scamming" in relation to switching items in trade/gamble screens will not be punished, as Staff cannot always determine what was agreed upon by the players. It is each player's responsibility to confirm that the trade/gamble screens are correct; this is the entire reason a second screen is shown. Players who abuse this may still be punished under certain circumstances (such as the player being reported frequently).
If you are gambling through non-automated methods, use hosts at your own risk and record your gameplay.

Rule 6: Deleterious Bug Abuse or Exploitation

Player of Xeros are not allowed to abuse or exploit any bugs or glitches that may give them an unfair advantage over other players. If you find any exploitable bugs, report them to staff immediately. This includes but is not limited to actions such as noclipping to stay out of reach during fights, using glitched items to become invisible during combat, abusing the incorrect exp/gp given by an action, etc. Exploiting unintended game mechanics will also fall under this category. Depending on severity, players caught breaking this rule may be banned immediately.

Rule 7: Account Trading or Selling

Players of Xeros are not allowed to trade, sell any accounts. Trading or selling accounts may result in an immediate ban. This includes "account giveaways." Account sharing is not allowed, even as a service based agreement.

Rule 8: Real-World Trading

Players of Xeros are not allowed to engage in any player-to-player transactions of Xeros items for any other currency or non-Xeros item. This includes but is not limited to real-life currency and OSRS GP. Players who offer or attempt to RWT may also be punished, and offering to RWT with the intent to "catch" other players' RWT will not be deemed a worthy excuse. Scams resulting from breaking this rule are the player's fault and will not be handled by the Xeros Staff Team. We do accept OSRS GP as official donations; please contact staff for rates, or open a ticket in #request-donation-support.

Rule 9: Advertising

Advertising any other servers or websites will result in severe punishment.

Rule 10: Privacy Rights

Players of Xeros are not allowed to release the personal information of another player without their explicit permission. This includes but is not limited to contact information (such as Skype, Facebook, Email, etc.), personal pictures, and other forms of real-life communication.

Rule 11: Leeching

Leeching will not be tolerated, especially in mini-games that require an effort from every player. Players caught leeching may be sent home, or jailed for repeat offenses.

Rule 12: Ragging

Ragging in Xeros will result in jail time. We interpret "ragging" as excessively attacking another player with the intent to harass, instead of kill. For instance, repeatedly 1-iteming and attacking someone who's trying to fight other players in Edgeville would be considered ragging. On the other hand, repeatedly attacking players who are skilling or PvMing would not be considered ragging, as long as the intent is to kill and not merely harass them.

Rule 13: Spamming

Spamming in Xeros will result an immediate mute.

Rule 14: Punishment Evasion

Players of Xeros are not allowed to evade any punishment that has been handed out to them by staff. This includes mute, ipmute, jail, ban, ipban, etc. This will only lead to further and more severe punishment. Players may appeal a punishment by opening a discord ticket in #request-appeal-support.

Rule 15: Bounty Hunter Farming / Emblem selling

Players of Xeros are not allowed to farm emblems or sell/give away emblem kills. "Farming emblems" is when a player sets their own or a partner's account up with their own, conspiring so they can easily gather emblems without a fight. Players who attempt to bypass this rule may be jailed, and repeat offenses may result in bans.

Rule 16: Multi-logging

Players of Xeros are allowed to multi-log, however, you are only allowed to have 3 accounts online at the same time. Players are not allowed to team with themselves or use their alt accounts to gain advantage in an activity. Multi-logging in raids is off limits. Generally, players must keep their online accounts in separate areas doing separate activities. This does extend to PvP, though with a small caveat. While players are not allowed to attack a player on multiple accounts at once, players are allowed to use alt accounts to scout in the wilderness. Actions such as "tagging off" with alt accounts or boxing yourself to stop other players from attacking are not allowed. We're aware that this rule deviates from the "anything goes"-style wilderness rules of OSRS, but we believe it is an appropriate change for Xeros.

Rule 17: Donator Rank

Once a player of Xeros claims a donator scroll on their account, the donator rank will typically remain permanent and cannot be transferred to other accounts. However, if players have donated at least $250 toward an account through the ::store (, then they are eligible to transfer their donation total to another account by speaking to the Donator Shop NPC at home, via the right-click "Manage" option.

Rule 18: Help CC

Players of Xeros in the "Help" CC must refrain from using this chat for things unrelated to asking Xeros related questions or helping players. Please use English in the help CC, this will prevent confusion about any questions or answers given to the community. All other types of chats should be through private messages, public chat, or alternate CCs. General discussion is allowed but should be limited. Players may be warned of this rule before being muted from the CC, depending on the situation. Please do not use the Help CC to complain about staff or staff actions; you may be warned or immediately muted for this depending on the severity. Issues with staff should be reported to the proper discord section, by opening a ticket in #request-support-ticket.

Rule 19: Unacceptable Names

Players who choose an account name that is vulgar, offensive, breaks another rule, or is otherwise deemed unacceptable may be banned immediately.

Rule 20: Hespori Seeds

To prevent scams and in-game conflict, the untradeable hespori seeds are not allowed to be sold through pay-to-plant methods. Breaking this rule may result in your account being muted.

Rule 21: Lending or Trust Trading Items

Xeros does not have an official lending system. Any lent or trust-traded items that are not returned is not a punishable act. It is up to the players involved in these trades to resolve any conflicts, staff will not get involved.

Rule 22: Troll Messages

Players are not permitted to "troll" others by faking rare drops, faking HCIM deaths, or manipulating chat colors to make a message appear as something it is not.