Powermining guide

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Powermining guide

Here is one of the fastest ways to get 99 mining.

5 steps from 1 to 99 mining with some tips along the way

step 1: Go to ::skill and buy a pickaxe from the general store (prefer bronze and rune, buy them both). Ironmen may buy bronze pickaxes from the iron shop, and get rune pickaxes from clue scrolls, or by pickpocketing the drunken cannoneer near the gem rocks at ::skill.

step 2: Find the Copper ore mining spot, southwest of ::skill, and train to level 15 mining.

step 3: Run north again, then west. Find the area with 3 iron ores and stand in the middle of them. Grab your best pickaxe and start mining.

Iron powermining spot.png

step 4: There are 2 ways to continue mining while clearing your inventory

  1. Just mine the 3 ores until your inventory is almost full, type ::EMPTY and continue mining.
    • You can copy "::empty" somewhere else and paste it into the chat box to type it faster.
    • Don't have any valuable items in your inventory, or they will be gone FOREVER!
  2. While mining, you can hold shift and simply click on the ores to drop them. This can be done while mining, without interrupting. This method is slightly less efficient, and more click intensive, but you don't risk losing clues or FoE items obtained while mining.

step 5: Keep doing this until you reach level 99.

Pickaxes section

Pickaxe levels.png

NOTE: Dragon pickaxe can be bought from other players or obtained from wildy bosses, 61 mining is needed to use a dragon pickaxe.

If you have the means, it is highly recommended to obtain an Infernal Pickaxe, which you can begin using at 61 Mining. This will automatically smelt some of the ore you mine, providing you with free smithing experience and extra inventory space, since iron ore often fails to refine and disappears.

  • You can purchase an Infernal Pickaxe from other players. Otherwise, you'll need to combine a Dragon Pickaxe with a Smouldering Stone from Cerberus.


Iron ores give lower XP than most of the other ores, but its x5 faster than these ores, this means fast XP/hour.

After you mine 1000 rocks, you'll have completed the Achievement "Mining I" and can collect 2 pieces of the Prospector set, This outfit will give you increased mining xp. At 2500 Ores you get another piece, and at 5000 ores the final outfit piece.

These outfit pieces can be collected by clicking on the completed Achievement, in the green Achievements tab.

The outfit pieces can also be obtained randomly during mining, although this is rare.

Prospector outfit.png

After you have obtained 99 Mining, you can use the ::maxisland teleport to purchase the skillcape from the Wise Old Man

Have fun mining!