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In this guide, you'll get a run down and the general knowledge of how Pest Control works on Xeros!


Pest Control can be found on the spellbook and navigating your way to minigames>pest control

Once you've teleported to pest control, hop onto the boat and begin!


Gear Setup

Pest control on Xeros can be done in any gear, any style! Pictured is just a rough idea of the minimum gear could look like in order to do enough damage for points.



Pest control on Xeros is straight forward, run to a portal and deal damage! No minions, no knight being attacked. Just deal damage to earn points! You'll earn 10 pest control points per game and a decent amount of GP! +5 Pest control points events will get you 15 points instead of the regular 10.


Reward Options

1,310 PC Points is needed for full void, all helmets and elite upgrades! Talk to the void Knight by the docks to purchase the base void armor, and then the elite void knight for the upgrades!|center

Pc xp.png
Pc packs.png
Void armor reward.png
Pc elite upgrade.png