Mage Arena 2

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Welcome to the Mage Arena 2 [Achievement] guide, you're one step closer to your imbued god capes/completionist cape! Please feel free to visit Imbued God Capes guide prior to starting MA2 below.

STEP 1: Make sure you bring a Zamorakian Staff, Guthix Staff, and Saradomin Staff .

Normal accounts can purchase the staves from the Mage Shop, in the building just east of home.

Iron accounts can purchase the staves from the Ironman Shop, in the building southeast of home.

As of 6/25/2022, you ARE now required to cast each spell 100 times within the arena before it can be used.

STEP 2: Teleport to Mage Arena (::mb) & speak with Kolodion and he will give you an Enchanted Symbol.
STEP 3: Gear up and get ready to enter the ☠️ WILDERNESS ☠️


This is what I'd recommend taking into the WILDERNESS to not risk much - feel free to upgrade where you feel fit: Side note - a cannon can help to speed up the kills.

Make sure you bring enough casts for each god spell to use on their respective Follower you fight.

STEP 4: Enter the WILDERNESS and click to "Activate" your Symbol giving you a hint on where you need to go to find the follower. Activating the symbol will do 16 DAMAGE EVERYTIME.

Any of the Followers could be at the marked location on the map below.

STEP 5: When you locate the Follower you're after, in order to do damage to it, you MUST use the corresponding spell (Ex: Saradomin's Follower can only be damaged by Saradomin's Spell, etc.).

If you have trouble finding any of the Followers, just relog and it'll move them to a new location. I've provided a map of all the locations below.

Pray Protect From Magic when fighting them.

Each Follower will drop their remains: Demon's Heart for Zamorak boss, Justiciar's Hand for Saradomin boss, & Ent's Roots for Guthix boss.

Ma2 remains.png

FINAL STEP: Return to Kolodion with all three of the God's remains for completion. Congratulations, you completed Mage Arena 2!

Note: Once completed, you do NOT need redo the quest for each god cape imbue; simply use each cape you wish to imbue on him after the quest.