K'Ril Tsutsaroth (Zamarok Boss)

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In this guide you will be shown everything you need to know about K'Ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak Boss) in Xeros, including location, the fight itself and possible drops!

Kril stats.png


Godwars tele.png

The K'Ril Tsutsaroth teleport can be found by opening the Spell book and heading to Boss Teleports > Godwars > Zamorak Entrance and paying a fee of 150K. This will take you directly to the entrance, once you are here you will need to kill a certain number of minions outside the boss room in order to gain access to K'Ril Tsutsaroth. If you do not wish to pay the 150K you can see a map of the Godwars Dungeon here.

Depending on your donator rank the number of kills varies as follows:

  • Non Donor - 20 Kills
  • Donator ($50) - 15 Kills
  • Extreme ($100) - 10 Kills
  • Legendary ($250) - 8 Kills
  • Diamond ($500) - 6 Kills
  • Onyx ($1000) - 5 Kills

Once you have acquired your kill count you may enter the boss room.

You can view your account in the top right of your client, below your XP counter:

Godwars killcount.png

Ecumenical Key

You can however use an Ecumenical key to gain access to the boss room without needing the kill count, this will cost you 3m gp, you can purchase the key from the General Store or if you are an Ironman from The Ironman Store at ::home.

Ecumenical key.png

The Instance Manager

You can also use Xeros' Instance Manger to make your own private boss instance, this can prove very handy as it means you do not need to acquire the Kill count to enter the boss room or use an Ecumenical Key, you can just pay a fee for the Instance. You can find any information about The Instance Manager here.

Inventory/Gear Setup:

K'Ril Tsutsaroth's highest defence is against Magic, because of this it is most effective to use your best in slot Melee gear or Range gear:

Melee Setup:

Corrupt melee set up.png

The example above shows a high tier melee setup. Note the Antivenom, as K'Ril can infect you with poison it is recommended to take some sort of antivenom or anti-poison with you. Overloads are not a necessity but they do help as it is a fairly hard boss.


Scythe of virtur > Blade of Saeldor/Ghrazi Rapier (Anything worse than this you are going to struggle in this boss fight.)


Full Corrupted is the best option here, as it has high magic defence, and therefore you may get more kills per inventory as you should be taking less damage. You may struggle to efficiently Solo K'Ril without a high defence armour such as Corrupted.


Amulet of Torture > Amulet of Fury


Primordial Boots > Bandos boots > Dragon Boots


Completionist Cape > Infernal Max Cape > Infernal cape > Fire Max Cape > Fire Cape


Here you can use a Beserker Ring (i) as best in slot and then switch to a Ring of wealth or Ring of wealth (i) before the kill is finished so you can benefit from the bonus Droprate, or for ease you can just wear a ring of wealth the whole time as it wont make too much difference in kill times!

Range Setup:

Kril range.png

The example above shows a high tier range setup.


Twisted Bow


Full Corrupted Perfected with Slayer Helm (i) if on task


Necklace of Anguish > Amulet of glory


Pegasian Boots > Ranger boots


Completionist Cape > Range Max Cape > Range Skillcape > Ava's Assembler > Ava's Accumulator


Similar to the Melee setup here you can use an Archers Ring (i) as best in slot and then switch to a Ring of wealth or Ring of wealth (i) before the kill is finished so you can benefit from the bonus Droprate, or for ease you can just wear a ring of wealth the whole time as it wont make too much difference in kill times!

Arclight Setup:

As K'Ril is classed as a demon, you can also use an Arclight to defeat it, simply follow the Melee setup above but use an Arclight as your main weapon with an Avernic Defender/Dragon Defender, you could also benefit from using a Elysian Spirit shield here if you have one.

Information on how to obtain an Arclight can be found here.

The Fight:

In the video shown below you will see an example fight against K'Ril Tsutsaroth. Simply attack the boss and then protect from Melee, you can flick prayers against the minions depending on what attack style they are using if you wish to minimize damage taken. K'Ril is a very strong boss and can hit very hard, the special attacks can hit through prayer and also deplete your prayer, and the results and be fatal. Always ensure you are sitting at high hitpoints and be prepared to be hit hard. Also, as mentioned before K'Ril can infect you poison so keep an eye out for this.

K'Ril Tsutsaroth Boss Fight

You can also take a mage switch so you can use Blood barrage to heal from the minions, a Guthans switch also works equally well.

Also note, you do not need to kill all the minions in order for the boss to respawn, it will respawn regardless after a certain amount of time.

Possible Drops:

100% Drops

Item Quantity Rarity
Ashes.png Ashes 1 Always

Common Loot

Item Quantity Rarity
Adamant_arrow(p++).png Adamant_arrow(p++) 295-300 1/1
Rune_platelegs.png Rune_platelegs 1 1/1
Adamant_platebody.png Adamant_platebody 1 1/1
Super_attack(3).png Super_attack(3) 3 1/1
Super_restore(4).png Super_restore(4) 3 1/1
Super_strength(3).png Super_strength(3) 3 1/1
Zamorak_brew(3).png Zamorak_brew(3) 3 1/1
Death_rune.png Death_rune 120-124 1/1
Coins.png Coins 250,525-515,000 1/1
Blood_rune.png Blood_rune 80-350 1/3
Clean_lantadyme.png Clean_lantadyme 7-23 1/3
Dragon_dagger(p++).png Dragon_dagger(p++) 1 1/3

Rare Loot

Item Quantity Rarity
Godsword_shard_1.png Godsword_shard_1 1 1/65
Godsword_shard_2.png Godsword_shard_2 1 1/65
Godsword_shard_3.png Godsword_shard_3 1 1/65
Casket.png Casket 1 1/65


Item Quantity Rarity
Zamorak_hilt.png Zamorak_hilt 1 1/75
Zamorakian_spear.png Zamorakian_spear 1 1/75
Staff_of_the_dead.png Staff_of_the_dead 1 1/75
Kril drops.png

The 7 items needed to complete the K'Ril Tsutsaroth Collection Log are shown above and they are as follows, in order left to right:

Godsword shard 1 - Godsword shard 2 - Godsword shard 3 - Casket - Zamorak Hilt - Zamorakian Spear - Staff of the Dead

Please note all of the minions drop these items as well, but you will need to get the drop from K'Ril Tsutsaroth himself for it to count towards the Collection Log.

You can also receive K'Ril Tsutsaroth as a pet drop.

You can check the Droprate of each item by heading to the Quest tab > Coin Tab > Droptable, from here you can search for your desired item/boss and it will display the Droprate. You can also access the Droptable by typing ::droptable or right clicking on the boss itself and examining it, from here you will see an option in the chatbox to open the Droptable.

After reading all this you should be able to successfully defeat K'Ril Tsutsaroth and should have all the information you need surrounding the boss! Good luck on the drops!