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In this guide you be shown all the information you need to know surrounding the Instance Manager in Xeros, including location, how to use, prices and a list of boss instances that are available.

Instance manager.png


The Instance Manager is located near home, to the east of the thieving stalls. The image below shows The Instance Manager location highlighted with a Red Box, and the ::home teleport location (Green box) and Thieving stalls (Blue box) have been highlighted to show some well known locations to help you locate The Instance Manager.

Instance manager location.png

The simplest and fastest way to get to The Instance Manager is by teleporting ::home and then walking South past the Prayer Altar.

We now have a more convenient Instance Manager placed at OZ for our Onyx Donors!

How to use:

The Instance Manager is very simple to use, simply left-click or select "Read Instance Manager." This will open an interface showing a list of all the bosses and areas that you can create a private instance for. Here is an example of what that interface looks like, simply scroll down on the interface in game to see all of the options:

Instance list.png

Once you have selected a boss or area, another interface will open. From here, you can select the amount of players you wish to have in the instance with you, and the minimum combat level required to enter. You also have the option to make your instance Open to anyone, open to just members in your Party (bottom-right tab to create and manage a Party in the lobby), or "CLOSED" which allows only you inside. Finally, choose the amount of time you wish the instance to be available for. It will cost you 2000 Exchange Points (FOE Points) per hour.

Instance creation.png

After you have selected the options you wish you will be prompted with a confirmation of your instance purchase and you will be teleported to your instance.

Please note your instance time WILL run down in real time, this does not matter if you are offline or not even in the instance, the time will run down regardless, so use your time wisely!

If you leave your instance with time left on the timer, you can join back by heading back to The Instance Manager and selecting "Rejoin last Instance Manager".

You can also select "Join other Instance Manager." If another player allows you to join them and their instance privacy is set to "Open," you can simple type the player's name when prompted.

I hope this guide gives you all the information you need in order to create and enjoy your own instances! Good Luck on the drops!