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Inferno is SAFE for HCIM.

Inferno is NOT SAFE for HCGIM.

Starting out:

So, you want the best melee cape in the game (aside from our Comp Cape) without donating for it? WELL! You came to the right place.

To enter the inferno you will have to sacrifice *one* fire cape for entry.

For gear I would recommend the following:

(Best to worst)

Corrupted Helm - > Elite Void - > Karils/Ahrims Switch*

Corrupted Chest - > Elite Void - > Karils/Ahrims Switch*

Corrupted Legs - > Elite Void - > Karils/Ahrims Switch*

Comp cape - > Assembler Max Cape/God Cape 2 Max Cape - > Assembler / God Cape - > Ava's Accumulator / Ghostly Cape

Ring slot - > Your choice. I personally used Ring of Suffering for defensive stats and the free recoil.

Anguish - > Fury - > Amulet of Glory

Pegasian boots - > Ranger Boots

Barrows / Bracelet of Torment - > Rune Gloves

Twisted Bow* / Kodia Wand - > Magic Shortbow (i) / Ahrims Staff

*I did this with a twisted bow, as it hits incredibly high, and consistent, as well as it has the range during Zuk.

Corrupted is better than Elite Void ONLY because it has higher defensive stats.

*Disclaimer: Having anything over the required amount of switches, will cause you to not take as many brews / restores / overloads which can hurt the attempt.

Inventory setup:

Invy for inferno1.png

Now, in the gearing section you will see I left off the Sang staff, as well as trident, because you NEED to be able to blood barrage the monsters. (It's free healing, for one, and the monsters in waves 59-66 stack up, so it's easy to heal and kill)

You can see my range switch (barrows gloves, twisted bow, and Assembler max cape). I would *HIGHLY* recommend overloads, as they're more than worth it. (You can take ONE potion, as each sip lasts 5 minutes, and you shouldn't be in the inferno much longer than that with this gear setup).

With using the blood barrage method, you may also cut down on the saradomin brews that you take, and take more restores.

*If you overload, sip your brews, and wait for the overload potion to "reaffect" your stats again so you don't waste restores*

The fight:

You will start out at wave 59.

The first few waves are fairly simplistic. Stand behind one of the pillars, and wait for the monsters to spawn. Protect from Mage, and kill the NIBBLERS. Try to "mage flick" with barrage, as the mager, and ranger will do a very large amount of damage to YOU. The mage hits harder than range during my testing. (The mage hit me for a 59, the ranger hit me for a 36).

The waves 59-64 follow this pattern.

Waves 65 you will NOT get any magers, just rangers.

Waves 66 you will NOT get any rangers, just magers.

***I would HIGHLY recommend to Overload at this point, as waves 67, and 68 are Jad, and 3 Jads respectively.***

Waves 67, one jad. Make sure you're fully overloaded, and brewed to an hp of 113 if possible.

Waves 68, 3 Jads. Do not fret. They will spawn in one to two ticks behind each other. Focus on the first one that spawns, and watch each jad in the order they spawned in. *If you mistake a flick, you should have a brewed health of 113, able to withstand (hopefully) one hit as I did*

Waves 69, ZUK. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN! Do NOT panic. This wave is not as hard as the 3 Jad's (in my opinion), stay behind the Moving Rock, and attack Zuk. At points during the fight, you will have monsters that spawn behind you. The first monsters to spawn behind you, are again the Mager, and Ranger. Make sure to attack them both, but wittle down the mager first. If the Ranger attacks your rock a few times it will be OK. Once both are aggroed, kill the mager first switch to range protection, and kill the ranger. Continue to fight Zuk.

Another Jad will spawn in the middle of the room during the Zuk fight, take out Jad as you normally would.

HEALERS! Dang them pesky things. Healers WILL spawn, it is OK. Attack them to aggro them onto you, and kill them as quickly as you can, while moving behind the rock still. (They hit for a maximum of 3, stacking by 4, to a total of 12.) After the healers are killed, I would HIGHLY recommend to re-overload if you have a spare and your overload time is running out.

Near the end of the fight, another ranger, and mager will spawn. Make sure to aggro them onto you (if your moving rock has enough health, aggro the mager, and finish off Zuk) if your rock isn't high enough health, kill the mager, and then kill the ranger. After that point with the ranger on you, just finish of Zuk.


You did it! Welcome to the inferno club!

You have a 1/50 chance to receive the pet. You also can have a challenge of finishing the Inferno (using no supplies) for a Slayer Helmet (i) with an awesome look to it.

You will also receive 675k tokkul.

Good luck!