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Hespori Anima Seeds

Attas Seed: Provides the whole server with bonus xp for 1 hour.

Kronos Seed: Provides whole server Double chance at Raids and Theatre of Blood.

Iasor Seed: Double Drops for whole server for 1 hour. (Applies to everything on ::droptable except pets. Rolls twice instead of once.)

Golpar Seed: 2x Coin bags, Resource Boxes, Clues, and Crystal Keys for 1 hour.

Noxifer Seed: x2 Slayer points for 1 hour.

Buchu Seed: x2 Boss points for 1 hour.

Celastrus Seed: x2 Brimstone keys for 1 hour.

Consecration Seed: +5 PC Points for 1 hour.

Kelda Seed: x2 Larran's key for 1 hour.


Hespori is a new skilling boss that can be killed through the use of skilling and offers high experience rewards. It's rarest rewards are seeds which, when planted in the anima patch southwest of home, will provide the entire server with a unique boost! The skills involved with this boss are: Farming, Mining, Smithing, Crafting, Runecrafting, Firemaking, and Woodcutting.


Skill Required:

50 Farming

50 Mining

50 Smithing

50 Crafting

50 Firemaking

50 Woodcutting

50 Runecrafting

Hespori levels rush guide

Tools required for Hespori Boss Event:

Axe, Pickaxe, and Chisel

If a tool is forgotten you will be given what you are missing upon entering hespori world event.

Step 1: Gathering Vines

Hespori 2.png

200 Hespori Vines must be burned in the fire (1st option) before Hespori can be interacted with. (Farming and Firemaking XP)

Step 2: Weakening Hespori

Hespori 3.png

Next, Mine the Enchanted Stone and craft the gems to create toxic gems.

Once done, you can now click on Hespori to auto-use any gems in your inventory.

This will lower Hespori's defence allowing you too hit higher in the next step.


(NOTE: Although the event will let you know when Hespori has been weakened enough, you may still continue to use toxic gems to allow for faster kills!)

Step 3: Killing Hespori

Hespori 4.png

Mining burning ore will give you an Unfired burning rune. Unfired runes can be used on the fire (2nd option) which will turn them into "Burning runes".

Once done, you can now click on Hespori to auto-use any burned runes you have in your inventory.


Using burning runes on Hespori before it is weakened will have very low hits and the more toxic gems used on Hespori the higher you can hit, 300-500+ damage!

Step 4: Reward

With an axe in your inventory, cut down the "dead" Hespori that appears after the kill to receive your reward - a Hespori Key which unlocks the Nature Chest just outside the Hespori gate.

NEW! Upon chopping the defeated Hespori, you'll also have a chance to find Hespori Bark! This can be used to create extremely useful Hespori Potions, which offer effects similar to the powerful Iasor and Kronos seeds!