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Level 1 to 99 herblore guide


Herblore consists of cleaning herbs obtained from various methods such as Farming or PvM'ing and mixing the cleaned herbs into vials of water in which you add a secondary ingredients different to every potion.

Obtaining Herbs

There are a couple of ways you can go about gathering herbs in Xeros.

The most common way would be through the Farming skill.

Another way to obtain herbs is through PvM. Slayer is the most common way of obtaining herbs, as most of the assigned task monsters are notorious for dropping them.

Buying the Herb Sack from the Slayer Shop is an ideal investment as it can hold up to 50 of each clean herb in the sack, making for longer trips at tasks.

Cleaning herbs

Make sure you have grimy herbs to clean them. The clean ones, are already cleaned and ready for use.

Cleaning herbs is an easy way to train Herblore at lower levels.

To clean herbs, simply left-click on the grimy herb, if you have the level to do so.

Levels required to clean:

Guam Leaf - Level 1

Marrentill - Level 5

Tarromin - Level 11

Harralander - Level 20

Ranarr - Level 25

Toadflax  - Level 30

Irit Leaf - Level 40

Avantoe - Level 48

Kwuarm - Level 54

Snapdragon - Level 59

Cadantine - Level 65

Lantadyme - Level 67

Dwarf Weed - Level 70

Torstol - Level 75

Making Potions

Level 3 - Attack Potion: Guam potion(unf) + Eye of newt

Level 5 - Antipoison: Marrentill potion(unf) + Unicorn horn dust

Level 12 - Strength Potion: Tarromin potion(unf) + Limpwurt root

Level 22 - Guthix Balance: Ranarr potion(unf) + Red spiders' eggs + Garlic + Silver dust

Level 22 - Restore Potion:  Harralander potion(unf) + Red spiders’ eggs

Level 26 - Energy Potion: Harralander potion(unf) + Chocolate dust

Level 30 - Defence Potion: Ranarr potion(unf) + White berries

Level 34 - Agility Potion: Toadflax potion(unf) + Toad's legs

Level 36 - Combat Potion: Harralander potion(unf) + Goat horn dust

Level 38 - Prayer Potion: Ranarr potion(unf) + Snape grass

Level 45 - Super Attack: Irit potion(unf) + Eye of newt

Level 48 - Superantipoison: Irit potion(unf) + Unicorn horn dust

Level 50 - Fishing Potion: Avantoe potion(unf) + Snape grass

Level 52 - Super Energy: Avantoe potion(unf) + Mort myre fungi

Level 55 - Super Strength: Kwuarm potion(unf) + Limpwurt root

Level 60 - Weapon Poison: Kwuarm potion(unf) + Dragon scale dust

Level 63 - Super Restore Potion: Snapdragon potion(unf) + Red spiders' eggs

Level 65 - Sanfew Serum: Super Restore(4) + Unicorn horn dust

Level 66 - Super Defence: Cadantine potion(unf) + White berries

Level 68 - Antidote+: Toadflax potion(unf) + Yew roots

Level 69 - Antifire Potion: Lantadyme potion(unf) + Dragon scale dust

Level 72 - Ranging Potion: Dwarf Weed potion(unf) + Wine of Zamorak

Level 73 - Weapon Poison(p+): Coconut milk + Cactus spine + Red spiders' eggs

Level 74 - Divine Ranging Potion: Ranging potion(4) + Crystal dust(x4)

Level 76 - Magic Potion: Lantadyme potion(unf) + Potato cactus

Level 77 - Stamina Potion: Super Energy(4) + Amylase crystal(x3)

Level 78 - Zamorak Brew: Torstol potion(unf) + Jangerberries

Level 78 - Divine Magic Potion: Magic Potion(4) + Crystal dust(x4)

Level 79 - Antidote++: Irit potion(unf) + Magic Roots

Level 81 - Saradomin Brew: Toadflax potion(unf) + Crushed nest

Level 82 - Weapon Poison(p++): Coconut milk + Nightshade + Poison ivy berries

Level 84 - Extended antifire: Antifire Potion(4) + Lava scale shard

Level 87 - Anti-venom: Antidote(p++) + Zulrah's scales(x5 per dose)

Level 90 - Super Combat Potion: Torstol potion(unf) + Super Set*

Level 92 - Super Antifire Potion: Antifire Potion(4) + Crushed superior dragon dust

Level 94 - Anti-venom+: Anti-venom(4) + clean Torstol

Level 97 - Divine Super Combat Potion: Super Combat Potion(4) + Crystal dust(x4)

Level 98 - Extended Super Antifire: Super Antifire Potion(4) + Lava scale shard

Level 99 - Overload: Divine Set** + clean Torstol + 1m cash

*A Super Set consists of 1x Super Attack, Super Strength, and Super Defence Potion

**A Divine Set consists of 1x Divine Ranging, Divine Magic and Divine Super Combat Potion

Obtaining Secondaries

Non-ironman players

The easiest way to obtain secondary ingredients as a non-ironman player is via the shop at ::skill

The shop can easily be accessed through talking trading Zahur, who can be found in the northwest corner of the building.

Zahur place.png

TIP: Another thing to note about Zahur, is that you can use noted clean herbs on him, with GP and noted vials of water in your inventory, and he will turn the herbs into unfinished potions for a cost.

This is a lot faster and more cost effective than manually cleaning them yourself.

Items in his shop are as followed:

Rope - 18gp each

Pestle and Mortar - 4gp each

Noted Vial of Water - 2gp each

Eye of newt - 80gp each

Unicorn Horn Dust - 580gp each

Clean snake weed - 500gp each

Red spiders’ eggs - 780gp each

Goat horn dust - 450gp each

Snape grass - 800gp each

Limpwurt root - 700gp each

White berries - 600gp each

Blue dragon scale - 950gp each

Yew roots - 1,200gp each

Magic roots - 1,300gp each

Potato cactus - 1,200gp each

Crushed nest - 1,400gp each

Wine of Zamorak - 900gp each

Chocolate dust - 480gp each

Mort myre fungi - 740gp each

Jangerberries - 600gp each

Cleaning cloth - 60gp each

Javelin Shaft - 48gp each

Coconut Milk - 1gp each

Nightshade - 30gp each

Toad’s legs - 350gp each

Ironman players

Ironmen can purchase the Pestle and Mortar, as well as noted Vials of water from the Ironman Shop.

The only seeds and secondaries available in store are Guam Seeds and Eyes of Newt, both found in the Ironman Shop.

Here is a list of secondaries and where to obtain them:

Eye of newt - Undead druids (Forthos dungeon)

Unicorn Horn Dust - Hellhounds (catacombs)

Clean snake weed - Crawling hands

Red spiders’ eggs - Sarachnis (boss teleport), Kalphite queen (boss teleport), Venenatis (wildy boss)

Goat horn dust - Thermonuclear smoke devils (boss teleport)

Snape grass - Hellhounds (catacombs), Sarachnis (boss teleport)

Limpwurt root - Kurasks (Fremennik dungeon), Callisto (wildy boss), Venenatis (wildy boss), Vet'ion (wildy boss)

White berries - Undead druids (Forthos dungeon), kurasks (Fremennik dungeon)

Blue dragon scale - Hellhounds (catacombs)

Potato cactus - Undead druids (Forthos dungeon)

Crushed nest - Vorkath (boss teleport), Kalphite queen (boss teleport), Callisto (wildy boss)

Wine of Zamorak - Undead druids (Forthos dungeon), Cerberus (boss teleport), Kalphite queen (boss teleport)

Mort myre fungi - Hellhounds (catacombs)

Jangerberries -Hellhounds (catacombs), farming

Javelin Shaft - Demonic gorillas (boss teleport)

Coconut Milk - Cave bugs (Fremennik dungeon), Cave crawlers (Fremennik dungeon), Chaos druids (Taverly dungeon)

Nightshade - Dark beasts (catacombs)

How do I obtain Overloads?

Overloads are obtainable through chest rewards and can be bought from the NPC named "Supplies" at ::dz, ::lz or ::oz for 1m gp each.

Ironmen can also make the potion by having all 3 divine potions, 1 clean torstol and 1m cash in the inventory. Use the torstol on the divine ranging/magic potion.

What are Divine Potions, and how can I obtain them?

Divine Potions are “normal” potions, except the difference is your stats do not drain over time like they would with a normal sip of the potion.

**To note - you do incur 10 Hitpoints of damage when drinking Divine Potions**

The easiest, static way of obtaining Divine Potions is via Chamber of Xeric. You have a chance of obtaining them from a Common Raids Key.

How to make

You obtain Crystal Dust through Crystal Slayer. Use Pestle and Mortar on the divine shards and you'll get 4 crystal dust for each 100 shards.

Then use 4 Crystal Dust per Potion and it will turn into a Divine version of the Potion

The current Potions you are able to turn into Divine are:

Super Combat

Ranging Potion

Magic Potion

Achievements for Herblore

Beginner, Herblore I

Create 500 potions

Reward: 100K GP, torstol x10, grimy snapdragon x10, grimy ranarr x10

Intermediate, Herblore II

Create 1000 potions

Reward: 300K GP, torstol x40, grimy snapdragon x40, grimy ranarr x40

Expert, Herblore III

Create 2500 potions

Reward: 1m GP, torstol x125, grimy snapdragon x125, grimy ranarr x125

After you have obtained 99 Herblore, you can use the ::maxisland teleport to purchase the skillcape from the Wise Old Man