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Level 1 to 99 fletching guide

Starting off

Fletching is a skill that is trained from the results of Woodcutting

An in-depth Woodcutting guide can be found here: Woodcutting

The Fletching skill is a result of taking a log, and turning it into an unstrung bow, then adding a bow string to it to make a completed, usable bow.

You can also make arrow shafts from the logs, which are in returned used with feathers to make headless arrows, and paired with arrowtips to make arrows

Another common method is feathering dart tips

How do I start Fletching?

Fletching can be started anywhere in Xeros, but is commonly trained at banks, so you can obtain a new inventory of items to fletch.

Starting out, you need Logs of different tiers, either obtained through Woodcutting, or by other Players.

Once you have a log of the required level, you use a knife on it, to either turn into arrow shafts, or more commonly unstrung bows, then using a bowstring to make a completed bow

If you opt to make arrow shafts, you’ll need feathers to use on them, to make headless arrows which in return can be used to make arrows.

Another method of training Fletching is by feathering dart tips, which can be done a lot quicker than making unstrung bows, and this is commonly the more trained method as it results in higher XP/hour.

To get the knife or feathers required for Fletching, you’ll want to head over to the Skilling Island.

You can get here either by using the ::skill command, or by navigating the Teleport Interface > Skilling > Skilling Island

Place shopkeerp.png

Once there, you’ll want to talk to “Shop Keeper” and purchase either a Knife or multiple Feathers

Knife - 6gp each

Feathers - 36gp each

How do I train Fletching?

Once you have obtained your knife, and logs you’ll want to start crafting them into resources

Levels for each log, and either shortbow/longbow to cut or string are as follow;

Headless Arrow - Level 1

Shortbow - Level 5

Longbow - Level 10

Oak Shortbow - Level 20

Oak Longbow - Level 25

Willow Shortbow - Level 35

Willow Longbow - Level 40

Maple Shortbow - Level 50

Maple Longbow - Level 55

Yew Shortbow - Level 65

Yew Longbow - Level 70

Magic Shortbow - Level 80

Magic Longbow - Level 85

Level requirements to make darts are as follow:

Bronze Dart - Level 1

Iron Dart - Level 22

Steel Dart - Level 37

Mithril Dart - Level 52

Adamant Dart - Level 67

Rune Dart - Level 71

Dragon Dart - Level 95

The most commonly known way of training Fletching is making the unstrung bows, as it’s decent XP and easily AFKable.

After cutting logs, you can go the extra mile to string them using bow string, but gathering the bow string can be slow, and not always worthwhile.

The fastest way of training Fletching is by feathering dart tips. if you use your feathers on the dart tips you wait till all the darts are made, this makes it almost completely afk.

Achievements for Fletching

Beginner, Fletching I

Fletch 1,000 Logs

Reward: 100K GP, 150 Maple Longbow (u), 100 Bow string

Intermediate, Fletching II

Fletch 2,500 Logs

Reward: 500K GP, 225 Yew Longbow (u)

Expert, Fletching III

Fletch 5,000 Logs

Reward: 1,000K GP, 750 Magic Longbow (u), 200 Bow string

After you have obtained 99 Fletching, you can use the ::maxisland teleport to purchase the skillcape from the Wise Old Man