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Level 1 to 99 firemaking guide

Starting off

Firemaking is a skill that is trained as a result of Woodcutting

An in-depth Woodcutting guide can be found here: Woodcutting

How do I start Firemaking?

To start firemaking, all you need is a tinderbox, and logs

To get the tinderbox required for Firemaking, you’ll want to head over to the Skilling Island.

You can get here either by using the ::skill command, or by navigating the Teleport Interface > Skilling > Skilling Island

Place shopkeerp.png

Once there, talk to “Shop Keeper” and purchase a Tinderbox for 1gp each

How do I train Firemaking?

Once you’ve obtained your Tinderbox and Logs, you’ll want to find a spread out area with a decent amount of open land, and a bank nearby.

Most notable areas are Camelot Bank and Varrock Banks as they have straight paths that logs can be burnt on.

If you are lucky enough to have a donator rank, you can start burning logs on the shown spot north-east of ::dz.

Starting spot firemaking.png

Once you have the items in your inventory and you found a good spot, it’s a simple process of using the Tinderbox on the logs until it is lit and a fire has been made on the ground, then repeating until no more logs are on your inventory

Level requirements are as follow:

Normal Logs - Level 1

Oak Logs - Level 15

Willow Logs - Level 30

Maple Logs - Level 45

Yew Logs - Level 60

Magic Logs - Level 75

Redwood Logs - Level 90

Best training method is using the highest level log you can, all the way to 99.

Achievements for Firemaking

After a certain amount of logs burned, you gain a reward, that includes the outfit pieces.

When using the Pyromancer outfit, each piece gives 1% Bonus XP on top of Base XP.

Beginner, Firemaking I

Light 500 Logs

Reward: 10,000 GP, Pyromancer Boots

Intermediate, Firemaking II

Light 1,000 Logs

Reward: 500K GP, Pyromancer Robe, Pyromancer Garb

Expert, Firemaking III

Light 2,500 Logs

Reward: 1,000K GP, Pyromancer Hood, Warm Gloves

After you have obtained level 99 Firemaking, you can use the ::maxisland teleport to purchase the skillcape from the Wise Old Man