Fight Caves

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Fight Caves is SAFE for HCIM.

Fight Caves is NOT SAFE for HCGIM.

Fight caves was a challenge back in the day to show off your pvm talent, defeat 63 waves of difficult tzhaars and deal the finishing blow to TzTok-Jad and obtain the beautiful Fire cape!

Fire cape detail animated.gif

Getting There and Gear Setup

In the spellbook you'll go to teleports>minigames>fight caves.

Fight Caves Location.png

Next, your gear setup. This is personally the setup I used for my 10 waves, no supplies Jad run. Below is some setups I've seen and heard used in the fight caves.

Jad ranged.png


Twisted Bow > Blowpipe/Magic Shortbow (i) > Rune Crossbow/Magic Shortbow


Full Corrupted Perfected with Slayer Helm (i) if on task > Full Armadyl/Full Karils/Full Elite void


Necklace of Anguish > Amulet of glory


Pegasian Boots > Ranger boots


Completionist Cape > Range Max Cape > Range Skillcape > Ava's Assembler > Ava's Accumulator

Ring: Archers Ring(i) > Archers Ring

Wave Options

  • 10 Waves - Fire Cape
  • 20 Waves - Fire Cape
  • 63 Waves - Fire Cape

If you're going for the Tztok slayer helm (i), which requires no supplies be used in the cave. I recommend doing the 10 wave option! Use a stat boosting potion before entering and it will still count as no supply run!

Monsters in order of appearance

Lvl Image Name HP Defence Magic Defence Attack(s) Max Hit Notes
22 Tz-Kih.png Tz-Kih 10 15 15 Melee 4 Drains prayer while melee'ing; use range or hit-and-run tactic to kill.
45 800px-Tz-Kek (level 45).png Tz-Kek 20 30 30 Melee 7 Recoil damage of 1.
22 800px-Tz-Kek (level 22).png Tz-Kek 10 15 30 Melee 4 2 appear after a 45 is killed.
90 565px-Tok-Xil (1).png Tok-Xil 40 60 60 Ranged, Melee 13 Use protect from range.
180 458px-Yt-MejKot (1).png Yt-MejKot 80 120 120 Melee 25 Can heal itself and other monsters that are below half their maximum hp
360 739px-Ket-Zek (1).png Ket-Zek 160 240 240 Magic, Melee 54 Range with Protect from Magic on, and stay out of its Melee range.
702 540px-TzTok-Jad.png TzTok-Jad 250 480 480 Magic, Ranged, Melee 97 Jad attacks with 3 attack style, keep your distance to only deal with mage and ranged attacks, pray flicking accordingly. See below for an example of his stance for his ranged/mage attacks!


TzTok-Jad Animations.gif


Once you've defeated Jad, you'll be rewarded with the beautiful fire cape! Wear it with pride!