Farming Growth times

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Allotment Patches

All Allotments have a 3 minute growth time

Flower Patches

All Flower patches have a 5 minute growth time

Herb and Cactus Patches

All Herb and Cactus Patches have a 7 minute growth time

Tree Patches

Tree Hours
Oak_logs.png Oak Tree 4
Willow_logs.png Willow Tree 5
Maple_logs.png Maple Tree 6
Yew_logs.png Yew Tree 7
Magic_logs.png Magic Tree 8
Fruit Trees
Tree Hours
Cooking_apple.png Apple Tree 4
Orange.png Orange Tree 5
Banana.png Banana Tree 6
Curry_leaf.png Curry Tree 7
Calquat_fruit.png Calquat Tree 7
Pineapple.png Pineapple Tree 8
Papaya_fruit.png Papaya Tree 8
Coconut.png Palm Tree 8
Dragonfruit.png Dragonfruit Tree 8

Spirit Tree Patch

Spirit Tree Patches will take a total of 10 hours to grow