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Combat and skilling experience rates

Normal account

This applies to Normal, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, Group Ironman, and Hardcore Group Ironman.

Experience rates are shown in comparison to OSRS experience rates.

  • Attack, Defence, Strength, Hitpoints, Ranged, Magic: 250x
  • Prayer: 50x
  • Cooking: 40x
  • Woodcutting: 55x
  • Fletching: 40x
  • Fishing: 55x
  • Firemaking: 50x
  • Crafting: 45x
  • Smithing: 70x
  • Mining: 55x
  • Herblore: 60x
  • Agility: 70x
  • Thieving: 80x
  • Slayer: 70x
  • Farming: 35x
  • Runecrafting: 75x
  • Hunter: 60x

Rogue account

This includes Rogue, Rogue Ironman, and Rogue Hardcore Ironman:

All skills are 5x, as compared to OSRS experience rates.