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What is Crystal Slayer?

Crystal Slayer is an entire category of slayer unique to Xeros. You can acquire Crystal tasks starting at Slayer level 70. It is very strong in early-mid game with many common drops of Rune and Dragon items and often more supplies than you could get by skilling. It also gives you access to the Crystalline boss, Hunllef, which can drop some of the best Ranged and hybrid gear in game - along with the Blade of Saeldor.

Gearing Up

Crystal Slayer is relatively easy and does not require much to get started. Any combat style is viable, although I recommend using your best Range or Melee gear. It is also highly recommended that you have 43 prayer for protect melee, as this will allow your trips to be a lot longer.

Highly Recommended

Dwarf Multi Cannon

The most important item to speed up your tasks is a Cannon. This absolute beast not only deals out a lot of damage but can make Crystal Slayer semi-AFK by leaving auto retaliate on and letting the cannon go to town. Pick your cannon up at the range shop (east of home) or the ironman shop (southeast of home) for 20M total.

Elven Signet

The Elven Signet is a ring bought from the slayer shop which will increase your maximum melee damage against Crystalline Monsters, and the imbued version (Celestial Signet) also auto-loots Crystal Shards for you. It is recommended to wear either this or a Ring of Wealth (i) in the ring slot.

How To Get A Task

To start Crystal Slayer:

Head on over to ::slayer and talk to the Elf Tracker. You will need to pay 1 million coins in order to get a task, but don't worry! If you high alch the drops from each task, you will often make those coins back and more. But the real profit is in the keys - more on that later.

Starting Your Task

Once you have a crystal slayer task from the Elf Tracker, open the teleportation menu and go to:

Monsters-> Scroll Down -> Crystal Cavern

After you teleport, clicking the cave entrance will give you the option to pick Regular, No-Cannon, or Premium.

"Regular" is the main cave which will always be the most crowded, and players can use their cannons inside. "No-Cannon" is a second level of the same cave, the only difference being that no cannons are allowed, which often leaves it unpopulated. "Premium" is a third level which you can access for 1,000 Crystal Shards. Premium is not a private instance, but it is usually less crowded due to its price tag.

It is possible to create a private instance of Crystal Cavern, fully empty of players except those you allow, by spending FOE points at the "Instance Manager" east of the thieving stalls at home.

There are a total of 9 different Crystalline monsters inside the Cavern: Bats, Spiders, Rats, Bears, Unicorns, Scorpions, Wolves, Dragons, and Dark Beasts.

Crystal Cavern Map

Crystal cave map.png

Crystal Shards

Each Crystalline monster you kill will drop a few Crystal Shards. It is possible to pick these up automatically, by wearing a Celestial Signet (obtained by using Imbue Dust on the Elven Signet, from the slayer shop).

Crystal Shards can be used to enter the premium cave, at 1,000 shards per entry. But they can also be used to make Divine potions. By using a Mortar and Pestle bought at the General store or Ironman shop, you can crush the Crystal Shards into Crystal Dust

Once you have the Crystal Dust, you can use it on potions to convert them into Divine Potions. Divine versions of a potion give you its maximum stat boost for 5 minutes without the stats automatically decreasing. It is recommended to use the Dust on Super Combat potions or Range potions.

Crystalline Keys               

Crystalline Keys are a rare drop from any Crystalline monster. These keys can be used to fight Hunllef, the Crystalline boss.

Having a Crystalline Key in your inventory will unlock the "Hunllef" teleport, in the Boss Teleports section of the interface. That teleport will take you just outside Hunllef's lair, deep in Crystal Cavern. Entering his lair will consume your Crystalline Key, so you will not get it back if you die.

Hunllef Mechanics

NOTE: You cannot escape this fight! It is kill or be killed, so be sure that you're fully prepared! Remember your ammo!

1. He works like demonic gorillas switching between his Protection Prayers, so you must have two combat styles, preferably Melee and Range.

2. He has a magic attack that will look like white lightning bolts. You can switch to Magic Protection when you see this, otherwise pray Melee. It's also possible to simply pray Melee and eat through his Magic hits.


Once you have killed Hunllef, you will be given one Hunllef's Key (MUST have an open inventory slot for this, or the key will be lost) and automatically teleported outside Crystal Caverns, where you can click on Hunllef's chest to acquire your loot.

Rare items from Hunllef's Chest are full Crystal equipment, full Corrupted equipment, Blade of Saeldor, and Youngllef (the pet). Although, even the common loot can be quite valuable. You can check that loot table and all the others by doing ::mbox in game.

Good luck!