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Getting Started

Crafting is a rewarding skill, but when paired with mining, smithing, and magic, it is one of the most powerful skills you can train!

Where to begin?

To get the Chisel, you’ll want to head over to the Skilling Island.

  • You may also want to get a needle,100-200 thread from the Tanner, as well as a Glassblowing pipe.

You can get here either by using the ::skill command, or by navigating the Teleport Interface > Skilling > Skilling Island.

To buy the chisel, navigate to these shops:


The shop on the left is for regular players

The shop on the right (ironman shop) is for ironmen.

1-99 Path

Standard Training

  1. Go to the NPC "Crafting and Tanner" on Skilling Island
  2. Buy 6 Cowhides, 1 needle, 6 thread
  3. Make 6 leather gloves. (Total cost so far: 8,000 GP)
  4. Talk to the tanner with a chisel, and begin cutting gems.
  5. 20-27 cut Sapphires
  6. 27-34 cut Emeralds
  7. 34-43 cut Rubies
  8. 43-55 cut Diamonds

This is where you begin to have options on how you would like to get 99 crafting.

Option 1:

55-99 cut Dragonstones from the shop*

*You can also mine your own gem rocks from level 40 mining*

Option 2:

55-57 cut Dragonstones

57-63 craft Green d'hide vambraces

63-66 craft Green d'hide armour

66-71 craft Blue d'hide vambraces

71-73 craft Blue d'hide armour

73-77 craft Red d'hide vambraces

77-79 craft Red d'hide armour

79-84 craft Black d'hide vambraces

84-99 craft Black d'hide armour

Option 3:

43-49 cut Diamonds

49-99 craft Bullseye Lantern Lenses

To craft a lantern lenses, buy a Glassblowing Pipe, and 27 molten glass from the tanner. Use your Glassblowing pipe on the Molten Glass, and select "Bullseye Lantern Lens"

Option 4:

This one requires mining, but you would follow the combination of Option 1, and 2, up until you reach level 83 crafting. However, since Amethyst bolts aren't really used, I would recommend getting a crafting level of 85, and then proceeding to mine Amethyst (92 Mining).


For all Amethyst items, you will receive x15 per Amethyst cut.

Ironman Training

I would highly recommend to get your mining skill to 40, and using gem rocks to 85 crafting. Or use a combination of d'hides, and Molten Glass.

If possible, lamp to 56 Crafting to skip the early levels, as it will make it much easier.

Once you reach 85 Crafting, craft Amethyst arrowtips (if using MSB(i)).

Once you reach 89 Crafting, you can craft Amethyst dart tips to 99.

I would recommend that you craft darts/arrows in 1,000-5,000 increments.


Collecting d'hides on an ironman is fairly straightforward (Vorkath and Zulrah drop quite a few).

It is expensive as an ironman to buy Molten glass, so use it sparingly.