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Chambers of Xeric guide


CoX is SAFE for HCIM.



Chambers of xeric, also known as Raids 1 or CoX, is a minigame that provides high tier equipment and weapons. Most players play this minigame for a chance on the twisted bow.

The goal is to kill all bosses, you can do this solo or in a group of players. If you play in a group, everyone will get rewarded by a key (2 keys if kronos is active).

After killing olm, the final boss, you have a chance of receiving a rare key, but most of the time you'll receive a common key. The droprate of a rare key will be explained later on.


1500 total level for normal modes.

750 total level for rogue modes.


Rare keys

Here's a list of which rare items you can get from using a rare key:

  • Arcane prayer scroll
  • Twisted buckler
  • Dinh's bulwark
  • Dragon hunter crossbow
  • Kodai wand
  • Dexterous prayer scroll
  • Elder maul
  • Dragon claws
  • Ancestral hat
  • Ancestral robe top
  • Ancestral robe bottom
  • Twisted bow
  • Olmlet

Common keys

Common keys give a lot of herblore secondaries, herbs, potions, dark relics (xp lamp),...

There is a very small chance to receive a rare key out of a common key.


Equipment setup

You only need range to complete cox, except for Olm's hands which require both mage and melee.

Here are some examples of setups you can use.

equipment from low to high tier:

Low tier Medium tier.png High tier.png

inventory setup

Here is an example of an inventory setup:

NOTE: You will need both melee and mage switches in addition to what you see here, though they don't have to be very effective. You only need them for Olm's hands.

Cox inventory.png

- a potion that boosts your stats, this can be an overload, divine ranging potion or a regular ranging potion

- restore potions or prayer potions

- food

- chest rate bonuses, this gives 15% more chance on a rare key when exiting Olm's room (optional)


Use the command ::raids to get to the lobby. Here you can enter solo or make a group.

You run though the minigame and kill every boss you see, these are always the same bosses, but in random order.

Here is a list of the bosses and which prayer to use against it:

  • lizardman shaman (x3) (pray melee)
  • skeletal mystic (x3) (pray magic)
  • vanguard (x3) (pray magic and melee)
  • vasa nistirio (pray magic)
  • ice demon (pray melee)
  • muttadile (pray melee)
  • tekton (pray melee)
  • olm (pray range)


The player who deals the most dmg to a certain boss receives the drop of the monster.

This drop has a chance to contain food and overload doses, these overload doses can only be used inside cox.

Drop Rates

Which drop rate you get below is determined on the damage output that you do in the whole raid - you will be told at the end of the raid which position you came.

Minimum damage to receive a key from Raids is 550.

#1 : 1/40

#2 : 1/41

#3 : 1/43

#4 : 1/45

#5 : 1/47

#6 : 1/50

#7 : 1/53

#8 : 1/56

#9 : 1/59

#10 : 1/62


Rare key out of common key: 1/110.

Have fun raiding and good luck on the drops!