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In this guide you will be shown everything you need to know about the Alchemical Hydra boss in Xeros, including location, the fight itself and possible drops!

Alchemical Hydra.png
Hydra stats.png


Before fighting Hydra you WILL need a slayer task, this can be obtained from Nieve as a Boss Task, from ::konar slayer or you can buy the specific task from "Tarfol quo Maten" at The Alchemical Hydra teleport for 15m GP.

The Alchemical Hydra teleport can be found by opening the Spellbook and heading to Boss Teleports > Alchemical Hydra.

Hydra 2 tele.png

Once you arrive at the Alchemical Hydra teleport you will need to "Open Alchemical Door" in order to teleport into the instance and fight Alchemical Hydra.

Inventory/Gear Setup:

Melee Setup (preferred method):

Hydra lance.png

The example above shows a high tier melee setup, there are many variations of this that will be more than sufficient for the fight:

Weapon: - Alchemical Hydra is a Dragon, so it will be weak to stab and weapons such as the Dragon Hunter Lance and the Dragon Hunter Crossbow:

Dragon Hunter Lance (Attack Style - Lunge - Stab) > Scythe of Virtur > Ghrazi Rapier/Blade of Saeldor > Zamorakian Hasta


Full Bandos with Slayer Helm (i) > Neitiznot faceguard/slayer helm with a Fighter Torso and Dragon Platelegs > Full Elite void


Avernic Defender > Dragon defender > Best melee shield you have


Amulet of Torture > Amulet of Fury


Primordial Boots > Bandos boots > Dragon Boots


Completionist Cape > Infernal Max Cape > Infernal cape > Fire Max Cape > Fire Cape


Here you can use a Berserker Ring (i) as best in slot and then switch to a Ring of wealth or Ring of wealth (i) before the kill is finished so you can benefit from the bonus Droprate, or for ease you can just wear a ring of wealth the whole time as it wont make too much difference in kill times!

Range Setup:


Twisted Bow > Dragon Hunter Crossbow > Blowpipe/Magic Shortbow (i) > Rune Crossbow/Magic Shortbow


Full Corrupted Perfected with Slayer Helm (i) > Full Armadyl/Full Karils/Full Elite void


Necklace of Anguish > Amulet of glory


Pegasian Boots > Ranger boots


Completionist Cape > Range Max Cape > Range Skillcape > Ava's Assembler > Ava's Accumulator


Similar to the Melee setup here you can use an Archers Ring (i) as best in slot and then switch to a Ring of wealth or Ring of wealth (i) before the kill is finished so you can benefit from the bonus Droprate, or for ease you can just wear a ring of wealth the whole time as it wont make too much difference in kill times!

The Fight:

Note: It is not possible to attack Hydra from the tiles against the walls. You will receive a message saying "You cannot attack Hydra from this position." Move further into the arena and attack again.

In the video shown below, you will see an example fight against Alchemical Hydra. There are several phases to the battle, and all are shown in the video. Hydra can be killed without taking any damage at all if you flick your prayers correctly. It is also recommended to Overload before the fight to speed it up, however in the video no overload was consumed so that no phases were skipped due to too much DPS. If you follow the video you should have no problem killing Hydra. Here is a brief description of what happens in each phase:

Phase 1 - Green, poison (Red platform):

When you enter the instance you should be protecting from range and running to the tile shown in the video to drag Hydra to the correct platform (red) in order to damage her - please note you will only be able to damage Hydra after it has been hit with the fountain in the middle of each platform. After 3 range attacks Hydra will spit 3 poison splats at you, avoid them and then proceed to drag Hydra to the next platform (green). After the poison splats, Hydra will attack with 2 more range attacks and then switch to mage attacks. Hydra will alternate like this throughout the fight. It is normally 3 attacks per style but this can vary depending on how quick you are moving on to each phase, etc.

Phase 2 - Blue, lightning (Green platform)

On this phase Hydra will need to be on the Green platform and have been hit with the fountain in order for you to attack it. Hydra will attack you with a Lightning attack, this occurs on the FOURTH attack of the blue phase. In the video it shows the player running and avoiding the lightning attacks completely. You can however if you wish just tank the lightning attack as it doesn't damage you too much - if you are worried about dying (Hardcore for example) I would suggest just avoiding the lightning attack completely.

Phase 3 - Red, fire (Blue Platform)

On this phase, similar to the green phase, make sure Hydra is in the middle of the Blue platform and is hit with the fountain, you will then be able to damage it. However, on this phase when you see Hydra moving to the middle of the room she is getting ready to use fire, if you adjust yourself and stand where you see the player standing in the video you will not get hit with the first two fire attacks, on the third fire attack it will chase you around the room for a period of time so just keep running!

Phase 4 - Black, poison

On this phase you can attack and damage hydra from any spot - you do not need to lure it to a platform. On this phase Hydra will alternate attack styles EVERY attack so you can simply flick between them. Hydra can also attack with poison splats on this phase. If this attack occurs, simply avoid the splats and take a sip of antipoison if you are hit.

Hydra Fight

You can instantly start the fight again by clicking on the door you entered through, and Hydra will respawn.

Possible Drops:

Hydra drops.png

The 7 items needed to complete the Alchemical Hydra Collection Log are shown above and they are as follows, in order left to right:

Hydra tail - Hydra's eye - Hydra's Heart - Hydra's Fang - Alchemical Hydra Heads - Hydra Leather - Hydra Claw

You can also receive a pet drop from Alchemical Hydra.

You can check the Droprate of each item by heading to the Quest tab > Coin Tab > Droptable, from here you can search for your desired item/boss and it will display the Droprate. You can also access the Droptable by typing ::droptable or right clicking on the boss itself and examining it, from here you will see an option in the chatbox to open the Droptable.

After reading all this you should be able to successfully defeat Alchemical Hydra and should have all the information you need surrounding the boss! Good luck on the drops!


100% drops

Item Quantity Rarity
Hydra_bone.png Hydra bone 2 Always


Item Quantity Rarity
Mystic_fire_staff.png Mystic fire staff 1 1/1
Mystic_water_staff.png Mystic water staff 1 1/1
Rune_platebody.png Rune platebody 1 1/1
Battlestaff.png Battlestaff 8-12 (noted) 1/1
Black_dhide_body.png Black d'hide body 1-10 1/1
Death_rune.png Death rune 150-300 1/1
Chaos_rune.png Chaos rune 150-300 1/1
Astral_rune.png Astral rune 150-300 1/1
Blood_rune.png Blood rune 150-300 1/1
Coins.png Coins 40,000-60,000 1/1
Shark.png Shark 1-2 1/1
Ranging_potion(4).png Ranging potion(4) 1 1/1
Super_restore(4).png Super restore(4) 2 1/1
Dragon_bones.png Dragon bones 30 (noted) 1/1


Item Quantity Rarity
Dragon_longsword.png Dragon longsword 1 1/2
Dragon_med_helm.png Dragon med helm 1 1/2
Rune_platelegs.png Rune platelegs 1 1/2
Rune_plateskirt.png Rune plateskirt 1 1/2
Dragon_battleaxe.png Dragon battleaxe 1 1/2
Mystic_robe_top_(light).png Mystic robe top (light) 1 1/2
Mystic_robe_bottom_(light).png Mystic robe bottom (light) 1 1/2
Dragon_bolts_(e).png Dragon bolts (e) 100-120 1/2
Onyx_bolts_(e).png Onyx bolts (e) 35-50 1/2
Grimy_avantoe.png Grimy avantoe 10-15 (noted) 1/2
Grimy_kwuarm.png Grimy kwuarm 25-30 (noted) 1/2
Grimy_ranarr.png Grimy ranarr 10-15 (noted) 1/2
Grimy_snapdragon.png Grimy snapdragon 10-15 (noted) 1/2
Grimy_cadantine.png Grimy cadantine 25-30 (noted) 1/2
Grimy_dwarf_weed.png Grimy dwarf weed 25-30 (noted) 1/2
Grimy_lantadyme.png Grimy lantadyme 25-30 (noted) 1/2
Torstol.png Torstol 10-15 (noted) 1/2
Ranarr_seed.png Ranarr seed 2-3 1/2
Snapdragon_seed.png Snapdragon seed 2-3 1/2
Watermelon_seed.png Watermelon seed 30-45 1/2
Maple_seed.png Maple seed 30-45 1/2
Papaya_tree_seed.png Papaya tree seed 2-3 1/2
Magic_seed.png Magic seed 2-3 1/2
Palm_tree_seed.png Palm tree seed 2-3 1/2
Spirit_seed.png Spirit seed 2-3 1/2


Item Quantity Rarity
Hydra_tail.png Hydra tail 1 1/30
Hydra_eye.png Hydra eye 1 1/30
Hydra_heart.png Hydra heart 1 1/30
Hydra_fang.png Hydra fang 1 1/30
Alchemic_hydra_heads.png Alchemic hydra heads 1 1/30

Very Rare

Item Quantity Rarity
Hydra_leather.png Hydra leather 1 1/200
Hydra_claw.png Hydra claw 1 1/200